On the mend

Just when I was almost ready to give into the big D, I got my A1 result, a 5.6… That’s after being in the hospital on long and short insulin around the clock for a month, darn near died. Pancreas shows no signs of any distress. I still have spikes but they don’t go over 150 anymore and come down within a hour or so and hang around the low 100’s or mid 90’s. Changed up some supplementation and got results. I feel extremely lucky and hope it keeps improving. Smile people, It can get worse…

Big Daddy

GOOD NEWS!!! See your a survivor!!! Love that A1C!!

Whooo-Hooo for your A1C!!! Awesome numbers and am glad you’re sugar is between 100 and 150! Great job!!! And yes, keep on smiling!


I’m happy to hear that you made it through and are doing so well now… here’s to continued good results! :slight_smile:

Wow! Wonderful news =) Great work!



good for you!!
mine was 15 so I haveevry right to envy you :slight_smile:

Wonderful!!! :slight_smile:

89 this a.m. Somethings working. Now I’m waiting for a train to hit me or lightning strikes lol

Hahaha, don’t wish any of that! You’re doing a great job! Here’s to you cheering you on

\o/ — see you got your own cheerleader rooting for you! Hee hee (yes, she’s holding pompoms) HAHA! =)

Fantastic news! I am happy for you! Keep up the great work!

Unfortunately I just had a out patient procedure done. Went from 89 to 142 in a half hour. That’s after fasting for 15 hours. Knock out Doc said it was the stress and nerves. Not as controlled as I thought, imagine that, lol

Big D