One footstep at a time

Along time ago in a place like this Vikings wondered the hills and valleys bringing death and destruction they too had weapons of mass destruction so did the Normans who sailed across the English channel and conquered this green and pleasant land of ours as it has been since time began someone from somewhere wanted this green and pleasant land of ours,no idea how far my ancestry goes back living in this place we call ours,no idea where we originally came from so to call this place home is perhaps taking it a little too far,they say the our ancestors came out of Africa moved into Europe then spread out to all corners of the Earth they say there was a second race of humans who in time died out and we homosapians survived,sorry about the spelling but if you read my blogs you will know spelling and the use of our language leaves a lot to be desired so if that is correct feet like mine well I hope not like mine as I can hardly feel any sensations in them walked from Africa Europe to Shropshire what a lovely thought so you really can walk in someone else’s footsteps they genes I have they had maybe not all of them but enough what illnesses did they suffer how did they cope did they dream like me have enough food and shelter to bring up families kiss there kids goodnight under a Moon that shone as it does on me today,feel the breeze across my face as they did taste the rain has it drips of your brow smell a flower, wonder at Gods creation fall in love as I did make as many mistakes as I have, and still wonder what tomorrow will bring so to all my ancestors through time thank you I am what you made me.

Nice thought provolking write up.