If only

Walking gingerly down a country lane you get to appreciate mother nature at her best hedge groves tall trees forming a canopy to shade you for the summers Sun a slight breeze wafting on your face the smell of flowers shrubs all mingling to fill every sense you have what could be better,as you walk along you disturb birds in the hedgerows they twitter shout and try to distract you form the nest that has young babies in it the occasional mouse that scuttles away in the dense foliage an unsuspecting fox who you take by surprise gives you a look as if to say come on fella trying to catch dinner here before it gives you one last look turns away and toddles slowly out of sight.

Hares and rabbits could not tell which is which so answers on a postcard to twiddlemethums the Shire,horses there are 6 in the meadow grazing away they take a quick look at you then get back to what they like to do best eat some of them decide to put on a show for you galloping around the meadow chasing one another the older ones have seen all tis before like I say to my kids when they try to shock us been there seen that done it,a butterfly passes by finds a flower it like settles on it flaps it’s wings then flies to another flower quick drink here a quick drink there life is so short for some of them every second counts.

Well the Sun lasted six minutes it has gone so dark now I can hardly see the keyboard my wrists arms and shoulders ache but i need to excesses them otherwise I will turn into a cabbage like one use to get on Crackerjack taking a bit of a libert with you as my walking days are gone well walking that far but it is nice to remember those glorious memories