Another day

Lovely location very central any idea where this photo of me was taken, all I can tell you is that it as taken 3 years ago, it had been 25 years since the wife and I Sheila was able to take a holiday and this would not have been possible unless the kids bless there hearts paid for our trip,I was so worried about carrying my drugs and insulin with me it really stressed me out but in the end no one asked me about it this side or the other side of the Atlantic.

I was interupted for a moment a young mother I assume was shouting swear words to her 2 kids I cannot reoeat those words but she should go and wash her mouth out with soap, you might say it is no business of mine but when words like that reach my ears it is my business and what must the 2 school kids think both boys she was shouting at.

As days go today as been drab wet and a bit windy and that sums up how I have felt all day, not too good,some days are bearable others you just want to get over with.

The council came today emptied our wheely bin we pat £100 a month for council and other services so it is a big chunk out of our budget.

Stil getting over my tummy upset caused by the piece of steak I had for tea last nigh, even forgot to take my night pills atorvastin and quinnine perhaps that is why I feel a bit ropey,the rain has stopped for a while and the Sun is poking it's head out behind a dark cloud from tempretures where I could not breath 30/31 degrees afew days ago to 3 days of the wet stuff you have to agree we get it al here in Shropshire.

As you can see from the photo I am trying to look interested but it did not work it is nearly 4pm here waiting for the wife waht an old fashioned term must think of something better how about partner makes her sound like a cowgirl, how about the other half sounds like a card game there must be a better term let me know if you know of one, anyway the wife should be here soon then she is off to the slimming club with our eldest daughter hope they have both lost weight otherwise bunny food for tea lettuce you know the score.

The Sun is blasting through the kitchen window how lovely my day might end better than it might have done smudge sleeping had a snack but there is a chill wind blowing through the open kitchen window.

Kinda low in myself right now but tomorrow might be better best regards,Ramundow

There’s nothing wrong with calling her your wife. If you were to call her “the missus,” that would sound old-fashioned. I like reading your descriptions of the weather in England, I’ve lived there for short periods of time and I miss it.