Blistering Barnacles

Like a ship too long in the water I too are getting a bit under the gills,love to have been a seaman travelling the oceans wide landing on some foreign shore stepping onto a beach never before seen by man or beast, finding coconut trees for the first time seeing giant turtles clambering up onto the beach to lay there eggs,wonder if any ancestor of mine had such luck, in those days scurvy was the killer poor food and contaminated water,nothing really changes today we have aids diabetes and all those modern diseases well not modern just more known to our generation,I am certain in the not too distant future cancer diabetes will be cured by taking a pill and one day all known ills of man and I say that including women as well so difficult trying to be politically correct and not offending anyone these day if I have sorry just an old codger who should know better, I have grown up with prejudices which are hard to conquer my parents talked like that and there bad habits were driven into me, and yet they believed in God as I do like to opposing armies both thinking God is on there side but little knowing God is not interested in the squabbles of mankind or human kind,at the moment I am day dreaming of being on a sun drenched beach surrounded by coconut trees are they trees I have no idea with the waves gently lapping at my feet, trying to forget i have to check my blood sugars and my legs and feet are cold have to concentrate a bit more and the idyllic scene in my mind returns the lapping at my feet was smudge trying to get into the act,OK smudge I can hear you be back in a mo have to let smudge out so she can chase birds well it keeps her active wish I was I am getting bed sores sitting down so much,back in paradise once more my brow is being soothed by a native beauty better not let the wife see this and the sun is turning my skin a pinkish colour like our bed linen or the inside of our daughters car the warm pacific water is so soothing what a let down smudge is back OK smudge what do you want now she licks her lips OK girl you want feeding so we toddle downstairs smudge tail in the air and she leads me into the kitchen and scrapes at he kitchen cabinet door have to teach her how to open the tins of food so she can help herself ,now we have to go through the ritual of which flavour she wants I put tins of chicken in gravy, tin of tuna,tin of beef with vegetables making me feel hungry and wait until she has sniffed all the cans and decides which one she wants no word of a lie,she can smell through the tin she settles on tuna she must have wondered into my day dream,getting dark here wife having 40 winks smudge sitting by my feet cleaning herself ok for some, is it not lovely to daydream even if only for a short time