One More.... Non Stress Tests?

So my OB’s office has just scheduled me for my first non stress test; I’m 29 weeks along. The nurse mentioned that starting at 31 weeks I’d have these things TWICE A WEEK! :slight_smile: For others who’ve done this already, or who are a little ways ahead of me, does this seem like the right frequency? From what I’ve read, it seems twice weekly checks are typical at 35 weeks and later…

Thanks again, and as always! :-)

It is just right. I started at 32 weeks and went 2 times weekly for NST. It seems like overkill to us at times, but on the bright side…you get to see your baby and hear the heartbeat twice weekly. It gives you peace.

decent perspective, and thanks for that. Of course, I wouldn’t mind if these were ultrasounds where I could see a little something-something before the fact, but… I guess more info and more carefulness is better than not. :slight_smile:

A little earlier than I was last time (32weeks) but yeah, I think its pretty common. They SUCK. Boring as hell. Here’s a big tip - if the baby moves and the heart monitor can’t sense the heartbeat anymore, CALL THE NURSE IMMEDIATELY! It’s not dangerous and there is nothing wrong - it’s just that they have to start the whole test over again if you don’t fix it fast!! One time I was there for 2 1/2 hours! Figure out what gets your kid kicking up a storm, and eat that right before you go in. (Mine was a small McD milk shake - cold + sugar) Also, this sounds crazy, but wear a Poise pad. Even if you go pee before, it’s nice to know you have a back up because when you are laying there all strapped in of course you immediately think you have to pee again. And they have to start the test over for that one too.

Also, you have to lay at such a weird angle it’s even hard to read. I would suggest bringing a book on you iPod if you can. Also, start saving up some cash for them. They are expensive - but your insurance should cover most of the cost. But even most insurances are 80/20 and by the time I had my daughter I had racked up about $800 in NST costs. WAIT FOR THEM TO BILL YOU - because I don’t know about your hospital but mine has way, way too many different offices checking things and charging. Way to easy to double bill. I’m only at 21 weeks and I’ve already caught a $50 over bill.

Mine was with an u/s each time. Here is a link on web MD…

Huh - mine did not have ultrasounds, but maybe it depends on the office.


my ob had me going at 34 weeks once a week…my health was in really condition, no high blood pressure or anything else so I’m not sure if that makes a difference. I would just go along with what your ob says as they are only looking out for whats best for you! : )

Take care!

I think it would really depend on the protocol of where you are a patient. I am a patient at Emory in Atlanta and all type ones have the entire bpp from 32 to delivery (mine being at 38 weeks). I had no complications and baby and I were in great health, but we still followed the plan.

Definately normal. I was going 2x a week for a good month before I delivered, which happened at 35 weeks. I ended up with a few extras too, towards the end …
I would agree with Rachel regarding the bills … I am getting all of the bills now and I am shocked at what I am seeing. My insurance covers 85% of those tests so I am seeing all kinds of charges adding up. I was also shocked when I found out that 100% coverage of maternity care (less those NST tests, apparently, and ultrasounds … have to read the fine print again about what was 100% covered!!!0 ends the moment the baby comes out of you. My c section stay that required any additional care on my part was not covered at 100% once my baby came out of me. I am wondering if I am getting bills for every blood sugar check they did in th 6 day stay …

I am 33 weeks. Last week I began going for NST 2x a week. However, I have ultrasounds every 3 weeks so I only have the NST on the weeks that I don’t have ultrasounds. So confusing! So many appointments to keep track of! But its worth it! I like the peace of mind from hearing the heartbeat and knowing that the dr’s are keeping a close eye on me and baby :slight_smile:

I will be 32 weeks on Wednesday and I am starting this same thing this week! starting tomorrow I am having a NST, ultrasound and prenatal check up every Tuesday and another NST ever Friday. At my OB’s they said it’s standard procedure for all diabetics. I am a little nervous about how all the little costs are gonna start adding up now! But at least we get to know our babies are OK!

The cost does suck - BUT I must say that I wasn’t all that upset when I got my final bill covering everything (stay, ultrasound, meds) and it was $21,000! And all I had to pay was $100 co-pay for the delivery and the bills I racked up from the office visits.

BUT about 2 months later I received this weird bill in the mail for about $1,000 and I had no clue what it was for. I called the hospital and they told me that apparently there was an intern anesthesiologist in the room (in addition to the pro) and they were billing me for that. So I called my insurance company and asked why they didn’t cover this and they said that sometimes they try to slip stuff like this stuff in under the radar straight to the patient. They told me not to pay a dime for it because that was there choice to have a student in there, not mine (and to tell them that if they tried to call to collect). I did and I never heard about it again after that. So if there is a weird fee in there, don’t hesitate to call the hospital AND your insurance company to see whats up.

I had them once per week, beginning in week 32ish, I think, and just at the perinatalogist. He was in the same bldg as my OB. I’d see my OB on Mon or Tues for a general visit and the peri on Fri for the NST and sono.

Twice? I went once a week towards the end. But my youngest is 6, so maybe things have changed in the past few years. With my 2nd, I remember laying around for what seemed like an eternity because she never moved. The nurse would buzz her, she’d flail for a few seconds then just hang out. Poor kid can’t sit still now.