One Touch Software

Hi everyone

Anybody here use the one touch software? or any other software

pro’s con’s, opinions?

any info or tips or idea’s would be helpful



i happen to use the One Touch software. my doctor has been impressed with the reports. if you put everything into an UltraSmart it’s very easy to use to just download from the meter and then print.

Yes, I use One Touch Software, Version 2.3.1, on a Mac iBookG4 running VPC7 and Windows XP.

I don’t consider it perfect, but I don’t know of any better software. The software is freely downloadable, but the cable costs. I have read that the cable is sometimes available gratis but I paid the $30 CDN.

It can produce numerous reports. A full quarterly printout for a patient would run 14 pages. I just select a couple of pages to print, one of them attached. The main advantages I find are being able to download the readings easily and being able to leave a copy with my physician.
8712-GlucoseTrendReportcopy.pdf (165 KB)

I have a One Touch Ultra Smart Meter. I like the One Touch Software. I have been to more than a few doctors that do not know how to operate a glucose meter. I can put all of my foods, exercise and medicines in and have it print out on a report. It cuts down the time I have to spend int the doctors office.

I busted my b*tt to get the software only to discover that I could download the data for free at the Medtronic site using their Carelink software. (

Like the One Touch software, though, it only works in Windows. It’s great, however, if you also use a Minimed pump because you can put the data from the pump and the meter in one report.

Terry is a website that is free and you can setup a logon for your doctor/family/anyone that you want to know about your readings. Works good but a ‘■■■■■’ to enter past data. It can give you averages up to 6 months. Should be close to your A1C.

Thankx for all the responses

I guess it is what it is and I will see it when I get it


I use software called Glucose One ( as it is for a palm pilot as well as windows. I like it since I carry a palm pilot everywhere then I can just plug my numbers in there while I am out and then sync it to my computer. It has a program installed in it to figure out boluses with your carbs as well.

Thank you, I have been looking for a program for my windows based PDA.

I like it and if you have any problems with it email the guy that developed it and he will help you solve it. When I first upgraded to my palm tx i couldn’t get the software to work and he actually rewrote the program so it would work with my palm.

Darn after further investigation this works on a windows computer but not on a windows pda. I guess I will have to figure something out. I wish palm programs would work on windows pdas. The only thing worse is trying to get programmers to remember to put February 29 in their programs.

It is possible to download the software from the Lifescan website if you say that you need the upgrade. You can enter the data in manually so you can see how you like it. I took this route because I was also running it under VPC on my Mac and I needed to see how well it would work. I got the cable later.

Be aware, though, that the software uses the serial number of the meter to recognize duplicates. When you hook up the meter for the first time, it will download all of the data again and you’ll have to go through each entry and omit them manually. They will still be in your data list but not counted in the averages. To avoid this you might be able to clear the meter by removing the battery until the buffer clears then start over with the new readings.

you can clear the meter by using that option that syas clear meter readings when yuo hook the cable up to it

I had a little difficulty with doing that but I think it was just the software having a problem finding the meter. It has trouble with that sometimes because I am using Virtual PC. I’ll try again sometime later but I’m in no hurry because the Ultra 2 holds 500 readings - unless sifting through all that data slows the transfer process down…

make sure you have the usb drivers installed for the cable. I had that problem at one time with it not reading my data and that is what they said the problem was.

I’ve got the drivers, both the Mac & PC ones, installed. It will find the meter but I just have to do it a certain way by selecting the USB port in VPC after XP and the One Touch software has already loaded. I don’t always get it right.

I’m hoping to eventually be able to upload the files directly to the Mac instead. If I can get them in as a CSV file, I can import the data into a Filemaker Pro database.

I use the Medtronic software now, but I used to use a program called Glucopad for my PDA (which is Windows-based) which worked great. It sounds pretty similar to the Glucose One program, so you might like to try it out. They offer a trial version as well.

Glucopad 2.0 by US-Analytics

I have used the OneTouch software since it became available, and always brought printouts to my endo or my diabetes nurse for the regular visits. But now, with CGM (and with Dexcom’s improved Seven software) the One Touch offering pales by comparison. One Touch did calculate Standard Deviation, but without the daily Mean and other data it wasn’t all that helpful. CGM is vastly superior!

I’m using windows xp and have a OneTouch Ultra. I recently installed the
Diabetes Management Software v2.3
I went into the program and clicked the download meter readings. It didn’t work and I received this message
Unable to establish communications with the meter. Please make sure the meter is connected properly and ready for communications. You may also refer to the ‘Serial Communication Issues’ section in the readme file for details on troubleshooting communication issues.
I went into this site and downloaded a file named USBDriverSetup.exe.
As a result I’m able to view my meter readings.

The usb drivers aren’t installed for the meter. I had this problem before and I contacted customer service and they told me what was wrong and how to fix it. Go on the site and do a search for usb drivers. If you can’t find it contact customer service and they will lead you in the right direction.,