One Touch meter software questions

Hi everyone,

I’ve gotta go to my endo at the end of the month to make my final argument for a pump. She likes records, so I’m gonna give 'em to her. Problem is, I’m really bad at keeping records (just ask my boss). Does anyone have any experience with the One Touch Ultra software for downloading data from the Ultra Smart meter? I feel like carrying around a brick of a meter should at least get me ease of retrieval - right?

Some specific questions:

  1. Does it spit out an excel spreadsheet or graphs or what?
  2. Does it work with a Mac?
  3. Does anybody in the Arlington, VA area want to let me borrow theirs for a quick download :slight_smile: ?


Lizzie -

  1. Lots of pie charts and graphs in slightly 1970s fonts (by which I mean Brit 1970s, so all oranges and browns, not disco 70s and glitterballs). No Excel spreadsheets, thank God. It’s all quite funky and clunky.

  2. No. Neither does it work with Windows Vista 2007, so that purchase has become an even bigger waste of my money. Never trust an IT guy, particularly when he tells you “There is NOTHING XP can do that Vista can’t”.

  3. No idea. But the software download is free (at least over here - just go to the OneTouch website). What costs the money is the connection cable from meter to PC (clever, see, we could copy the software but not the cable).

People think my One Touch Ultra is a blackberry. I love the look on their faces when I start feeding my blackberry with blood.

I have the one touch meter as well as the cable and software. It can print out like an excel spreadsheet or graphics either way. It isn’t compatible with a Mac though. You have to have the cable to be able to download your readings which is $30 i believe.