One Touch Ultra Blue = ERROR 2?

anybody else getting a lot more of ERROR 2 with the Ultra Blue? last batch of 500 had about 7 bad strips... which isn't a lot but it's a lot more than I am used ot seeing from my friends at One Touch.

sadly with the old, antiquated, "that's the way we USED to do things" one touch strips, my incidence of ERROR 2 was (use a Dean Vernon Wormer voice here:) zero point zero.

I have consistently had between 1 in 25 and 1 in 50 Er2 failures with the one touch. I have not noticed any worsening with the Blue. If you look at the vast majority of the Er2 failure test strips you will be able to actually see that the strip is bad. I consider it just bad quality control.

good, that means it’s just crappy manfacturing and not an increase in my bad luck. =)


Yes…many!! Thought it was just me. Very frustrating indeed.

I’d contact One Touch to tell them. Bet they’ll send you replacment strips. The joys of new & improved:)

Oddly enough, I have never had an error 2 message in the year I have been using One Touch.

This drives me nuts too!

Me three!! LOL

Me four.

I have never seen error #2 just error #5 once in a while because the strip does not take all the blood it needs…

I quit testing for a while (pre-diabetes slacking) and then like a bonehead, I put the blood side of the strip in the meter. So my Error 2 is probably due to blood on some electrical contacts… that are internal that I might find some way to clean while invalidating my warranty.

Well Here is the scoop on my strips/meter. At first I was sure the strips were bad…I tried 5 in a row. Then I went on as usual with no issue and the error eventually sprung up again. I have the one touch Verio Flex. 10 in a row just would not work. Error2 bang! Error2…Bang! and so on. Rather than throw them out this time I saved them. 2 days later all ten worked flawlessly. What’s that tell you? I’ll bet the meter has selective hissy fits.

I’ve been using the one-touch strips for at least 18 years. Sometimes I go through several hundred without one single error; then, sometimes, I get 3-5 strips in a bottle of 50 that show “error.” Since I’m lucky enough to get my strips with no co-pay, I just throw 'em out if they don’t work.

Hi Team:

I wonder if this might be the cause, or it is just me.

The test strip needs to be FIRST inserted to the meter. When it has the blood drop icon on the screen, then we can apply the blood to the channel on the strip. (it will count down after that, and have a reading.)

Thank you. I think it is just me : )

I just had a Er 2. I thought I did not get enough blood on the strip. Sometimes I have trouble seeing it. Guess it is not just me. Nancy50

I use a One Touch Verio Flex and have recently had Three (3) ER 2’s with my last container of 50 testing strips. For me, this was the first time for this error code. Not sure if it was just operator error (attempting to use a smaller than normal blood drop or dragging the test strip through as opposed to letting it wick on its own).

I have had a few ER 5’s since I was diagnosed T2 and started testing my BG back in middle July 2020, but I believe that was caused by taking too long to get a suitable blood sample to the test strip (timed out?).