Need help with Ultralink

I just recently went to the Ultralink. I was using the BDLink with meter since I got the pump 2 1/2 years ago. I keep getting Error 5’s. One Touch replaced a vial, but I keep getting them. I think it is me. I try to be careful, hold the meter upside down and let it pull up the blood, I think the problem is that I am touching my finger, which was not a problem with the BD. I’m getting really frustrated and I know One Touch is not going to keep replacing strips. Can anyone give some suggestions.

I’ve been using a One Touch monitor for several years. Now with my MiniMed 522, I got a One Touch Ultra Link so I’ve switched from the One Touch Select. The point is that their strips, though not interchangeable, collect blood by the same principle of osmosis. They suck it up from the end, not the top or the bottom. I’ve never had to do any gymnastics to get a valid reading. However, I usually get a larger sample than I need. I always use my fingertips.

Colorado…I went from the BD to the Ultralink recently too…Try holding the meter flat (horizontal) and put your finger to the strip that way. As much as possible I use a table top or my lap. I get the error messages too but it’s usually because the blood didn’t reach the end of the strip (not enough). Trial and error… Keep at it and Good Luck!


thanks that works great, I was trying the methods from the BD, once I just laid the meter flat I have had almost no errors!