One Touch Ultra Error 5

I am fed up with wasted strips for error 5 errors. I have been using One Touch meters for most of the 28 years I have had diabetes. I had stopped for a few years when I switched to BD because it uplinked with my pump. I switched back to the Ultra when they teamed with Minimed. The damn things seem so fussy. If you accidently touch your finger, or have too little or too much blood. Anyone else have these problems?

Yes. "Error 5" is very irritating. I went to a focus group on meters that I later discovered was for One Touch meters after the new products came out. People with cholestoral problems most likely caused by treating their bodies like garbage dumps take blood thinning medications. They always have problems with too much blood. I often have problems with not enough blood due to all the callouses on my fingers from all the testing I do. Instead of making 2 types of strips, they stuck with this one where either way both types of problems will lose out and get that damned error 5 reading. The only thing worse is when my pump site is not absorbing the insulin I bolus after I discover my suger is already high and it goes higher while I feel worse after expecting my insulin pump to work properly and make me feel better. I have this not absorbing insulin issue lowering the quality of my life at least once a week.

Yes, absolutely. I get my share of Error 5's. If you don't like it, the BD is still available -- it's under the brand Novamax (and Novamax Link for the one that talks to the pump) now. Go to

Personally, I was happy when they switched from BD to OneTouch because I found the BD results to be wildly inaccurate, though the less amount of blood was certainly nice. I don't know if Nova has improved on the strip technology or if they've just repackaged BD's old design, but it's there if you want to look into it. There are probably offers for free meters out there too, though I'd guess strips are harder to find.

Dear Sarah, glad I am not the only one. I would go back to the other meter, but my insurance only pays for one touch. I too have terrible calouses! My poor finger tips have become my biggest ■■■■■ about being a diabetic. As far as your pump absorbtion, has your doctor talked to you about changing to a different area because of scar tissue, this has helped me. The other tip I can reccomend is if you are having a high you need to treat, try taking an injection, it will work faster.

Hi all, I decided to try the One Touch Ultra 2 meter that I received for free. I keep giving it a chance. The Error 5 happens almost every time I use this meter. I was thinking this is why they were giving the meters away for free. It usually takes three to four strips before I get a result. It's ridiculous. I've gone back to my old meter the Precision Xtra. I keep wanting the One Touch to work, but it really is awful. It looks nice and new, but that error 5 keeps happening. If there are any tricks, let me know.

My ERROR 5 shows up when I am not paying attention. I must wait for the meter to tell me to apply my sample before touching blood to strip to prevent ERROR 5.

Colorado, are you using the sides of your finger tips? Get about as much blood as a circle the size of the bottom half of an 8 in a serial number on US currency. That will fill the strip and not waste your blood. Attention to detail is what makes all of the technology work for us and not us work for the technology.