One Touch Ultra Mini Vs. Medtronic's BD which sync's to Pump


I was reading Kerri’s blog post at sixuntilme yesterday (Dec 20) about how she just got a new Minimed 522 insulin pump. When you get the pump you also get a meter which sends your BG results wirelessly to the pump so you don’t have to enter them. Many people say that the meter that comes with the pump is no good. I thought I would compare the results between the two meters.

Which would you rather have? The One Touch ultra Mini said my BG was at 141—The BD meter said it was at 127. Obviously I would rather be at 127 but only if that number is accurate. At the same time if the 141 is not accurate then I could end up going low because my correction bolus was too much.

I am going to keep comparing them for a while but in the end I can’t wait until they come out with the new One Touch Ultra that will sync with Medtronic’s Minimed pump in early 2008!!


I find that the BD is almost always about 30 points lower than my Freestyle. I trust my Freestyle as the BD gave me low readings when I wasn’t, and when I would get 60-something readings on my Freestyle, the BD would say I was in the 40s, which I have never ventured into before. I love the automatic link but I just do not trust the BD.

I found a lot of variability when using the BD. Over the years I got 3 replacement meters from them and I never really got comfortable with it’s accuracy.

In one case I took three readings in a row and the numbers were something like 80-164-230. This in less than five minutes.

So I’d rather stick with a tried maker of meters like BD or Freestyle and go through the annoyance of having to key in the values.

I spoke with a MiniMed rep the other day on the phone (trying to get CGMS approved!) and he said that although there hasn’t been an exact date set at this time, they are saying Spring of 2008. And he understood it to be around March. So not too long until we can get our OneTouch meters!! Yay!
I don’t like my BD.

Thanks for the info. My 3-month supply of BD strips is getting low and I was hoping to change meters (BD is usually OK, but I’m hoping the OneTouch is better) rather than refilling my supply. I really don’t want to switch twice, so I guess I’ll wait another 3 months and hope the OneTouch is ready by the time I need another strip refill.

Yes, I heard a similar thing from my rep last week. Am in the process of getting my pump and he said “within the next few months” the OneTouch meters should be shipping. He said that I would not have my BD meter that long.

I’m not sure about the monitor’s accuracy (never knew there was an issue), but I do not care for the meter. There is no backlight, and the strips are SUPER CRAPPY. A lot of times the blood will not even wick up into them and I have to throw away an unused strip because it just won’t “suck the blood”. I changed back to my One Touch Ultra which has been a super meter. My only fault with it is it sometimes randomly asks you to confirm the code by pressing “OK”. I have wasted more than a few strips because I didn’t realize it was stuck on that screen.

I just received my MM pump on 2/6 and it included the BD meter and no info in the kit about the new OneTouch meter.

My understanding is there is a new one touch mini out in stores now that can sync with the computer and hold 500 readings. I was also told by a lifescan rep that new ones will be released around March.