Medtronic OneTouch UltraLink Meter Received

FYI - I received my Medtronic OneTouch UltraLink Meter today. Last week I received an announcement from Medtronic stating that the meters should be delivered by June 30th. My meter arrived today… still waiting on my CareLink USB, though. Have you received your meter?

Shawn, I have my Carelink USB, but no free meter as yet. My freestyle flash they are no longer making, but I did get a free freestyle lite at the diabetes expo, but I think when I see endo in a few weeks I will switch over to the OneTouch so that it talks to my pump.

Man o man USB, OneTouch UltraLink, pump, and CGM sensor. I am all geared up, but for some reason none of this can fix my highs. :frowning:

We got the Carelink USB, no meter, just a letter that we will get it by June 30 ( yesterday). I am not too excited because we got the Ultra Mini and started using the strips, but they require a lot of blood, and do not wick as well as Freestyle and BD. Anyone else find that?

ill get mine tomorrow…

have you tried using it shawn…? how was it…?

yeah thats the thing bout this one touch strips, they still require lil bit more than other meters/strips, i wasted couple of strips as the mini meter will say error when sample is not enough…i hope they can do somethin bout this…

just my .002 cents.

OMG!!! I just got mine today as well and it’s pretty spiffy. Programming the meter # was pretty easy, and so was taking my BS, but now what? If I have a high, what’s so different??

hehehe… it doesnt make any difference at all, a high is still a high and lows are still lows, glucometers have the same purpose, to measure blood glucose levels, that is…

I got my carelink about 3 weeks ago. i received my letter about the new monitor on saturday and i received it yesterday. its pretty cool…i just wish they would make it in cute colors! i love my pink mini!!! totally agree about the blood sample. i have wasted lots of strips because of not enough blood on the strip. i should be used to this since i have used a one touch meter for years. but its still frustrating!

I have the meter and carelink usb. I have been using the accucheck aviva for about a week and last night i decided to compare readings on the two meters and every time they were within 5 points of each other. I am going to compare today a few more times and see which one I prefer, but I think I am going to switch to the one touch.

i received my meter today, and tried using it, i like the extra features that theyve added on this one coz you can add comments on a certain reading as well as flag it as premeal and post meal blood sugar, and give you an average for both…

This is way better that the previous meter from BD, i never used mine that comes with the pump coz they were never accurate, they gave me two meters but both were never accurate, im glad i finally have this meter that communicates with my pump…!

My meter just showed up this afternoon (I’ve had the Carelink USB for a couple weeks). First impression, the meter is really clunky compared to my OneTouch Ultrasmart. Does the RF device take up that much space? Couldn’t it at least have a backlight like the UltraSmart? Also, the case is enormous - and what’s up with the patches of material on the mesh part? Are those for wiping the excess blood on? That’s kind of gross/cool, since I tend to do that anyway.
Anyway, it seems a lot sturdier than the old BD meter, and I have a ton of Lifescan meters/strips, but I wish they’d gone with a Freestyle meter instead. That test strip light is the greatest thing ever.

I forgot to mention that I dig the plastic strip clamp, which is way easier to put the strip container in and out of the case. I have always been frustrated with the elastic strip that holds the container in the mini and ultra 2 cases.

I think they should have included more strips than 10 if they were going to ship the meter out. I like it but yet I can’t use it as I am not due a shipment of strips until May 8th.


do you order or shipped your strips in a monthy basis…? how come you have to wait til 8th May? me, I order it every two weeks, i usually consume 200 strips in a month or more… well i dont have to worry bout the shipping charges coz they are free,

I get mine monthly, I go through around 300 strips a month. My next shipment is due May 8th when I called CCS Medical to change my strips over. I will just use my accucheck when until I get the strips or I think my friend who also uses a one touch is going to see if he has any extra strips.

Something showed up in a box from Medtronic at my doorstep today. The wireless USB gizmo showed up a while ago.

I have been a user of the Minimed Carelink website for a while now. I used the BD Minimed meter with the cable provided for upllink to the website.

I am probably hoping for too much, but it would be nice it the meter and pump set their time to the PC time here.

I received my meter yesterday and have stopped using the ultra. The case on the UltraLink is better – no more plastic over the display. Plus, it seems that the time between strip insertion and ready for the blood sample is about the same (I found that the one touch 2 was about a second longer than the one touch ultra, so lots of wasted strips). I do not have the CareLink USB yet – another couple of weeks, probably.

Interesting to see some of the posts here about the number of times per month people are testing. I get 1200 test strips per quarter, and often run out before I can get more covered by insurance (nice to know that I get to stick it to the insurer over those test strips – can’t imagine having to go without them). Is it odd to wonder how people could get by on just four tests per day?

I received mine yesterday… had no idea it was coming at all. I have a few gripes but overall it’s nice to have a meter that I will use that transmits to my pump. I have been using the Ultra Smart for over 2 years now. I wish they would come out with a similar device that transmits to the pump because I love using the UltraSmart to track my progress (carb intake, exercise, HBA1C tracking, etc…). I also wish that the thing had a backlight for dark testing. I will often test at night when I wake up feeling low and the backlight of the UltraSmart gave me enough light to find the test strip in the dark so I don’t wake up my wife.

Actually I just thought of this… why don’t I use the backlight on the pump instead? Now that was brilliant. :wink: I still wonder why they didn’t add that functionality to the meter.

I have an UltraSmart at work so I will probably use that one to track the results that this new meter cannot. But if they ever came out with one I would be the first in line to purchase it.

Hello All,

I got my meter yesterday 4/30. It works great and it is nice to not have to enter my BG values anymore. I stopped using the BD meter along time ago because of the horrible results that it gave. I have been using my One Touch Ultra for a while but now it is time to break in the UltraLink!!!

Got it . Hope to set it up in a couple days. Like that test strip vile holder, hope it is durable.