One week on omnipod and many issues

we have my three year old on omnipod and in the past week we have not had but one pod stay on for the full 3 days and when we removed the pod it was very red and irritated with a pimple to side of where cannula was. Any suggestions? It is not warm to the touch.

Where is the pod? I have that problem when I put it on an area of my body that isn't flat, like the back of my arm. I found that using IV prep can help it stay on. The irritation should go away in a few days, skin just doesn't like having stuff stuck to it/in it for that long. If it's not draining or abscessing, swollen, hot, etc, then it's probably just a side effect of the pod. Make sure you check for signs of infection, I've had a staph infection in a pod site before.

Thank you

Most, but not all, of my pods leave a small red bump that doesn't hurt. It doesn't seem to affect my blood sugars and it seems to be less often now that I've had the Omnipod longer. I noticed it more often when I first went on it. Her body might just be reacting to the new plastic.