One Year and Going Strong

One year ago today our daughter, Olivia, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It doesn't seem possible that an entire year has passed us by. Wow. They say that "the first year is always the toughest". I hope so. We made it through one year and we are still going strong. A few days ago my husband and myself were deciding if we should make today a "big deal". It seemed kind of strange to celebrate the day that Olivia was diagnosed. We decided - why not! We are not celebrating the fact that she has type 1 diabetes, but we are celebrating the fact that we made it through one year. One year of... One year of ups and downs (literally) One year of finger pricks One year of insulin shots One year of frustrating and stressful moments One year of counting carbs and weighing food One year of constant worry One year of 3am checks One year of fear that her sister may be next One year of courage One year of being brave One year of support from family and friends One year of still letting her be a kid One year of love One year of emotional breakdowns when little eyes can't see One year of bringing our family closer One year of learning One year of living

I think that it is GREAT that you celebrated!! I actually think about my diabetes anniversary more than my birthday!! it is a life changing event and it’s good to celebrate overcoming all the challenges that diabetes brings!!!

What a sweet little one you have! I think it’s great that you remember the anniversary of her diagnosis like this. When T1 makes you angry, frustrated, worried, and everything else 364 days a year, it’s nice to know that one day a year you can have cake and be happy – it’s sort of like not letting T1 take your happiness and celebrations from you.
Your daughter is lucky she has such a great mom. :slight_smile: I have a great one, and give her all the credit for my good health now.

Congrat’s on the 1 year Anniversary!!! your a GREAT and Strong mom!!! Your daughters are beautiful

Thank you all for such wonderful words of support! You all are such great people and I wish the best to all of you!