One year since diagnosis

Tomorrow makes one year since my son Nathaniel was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. One year ago tomorrow, we were sitting in our local hospital awaiting Pegasus to take us to the more advanced hospital, located an hour away, after just hearing the words “your son has type 1 diabetes, and is in ketoacidosis”. One year ago those words were like a foreign language to me…

Tomorrow we will celebrate the fact that through the horror of diagnosis, hell of learning, and through the day to day stresses of life with diabetes, we have somehow managed to pull through this and make this new life our own kind of normal. We will celebrate that my little boy is LIVING with diabetes, and that thanks to the advances in technologies such as the CGM and insulin pumps, he has (almost) the same life as other children. We will celebrate no hospitalizations, no glucagon, and no severe lows!

I applaud all of you parents that have been living the life that Type 1 creates for you and surviving each and every year that passes!

Congratulations on reaching your one year anniversary! You couldn’t have stated the emotions of that day any better!!

Hi there,

My family is in the same boat with our son’s one year anniversary almost upon us in a few weeks. It is hard to believe that it is almost been a year and like you no major hospital visits, no glucagon and no severe (too severe as he has been under 50 a few times but we always caught it in time) lows.

November 21st, 2010 a day we will never forget. Actually, I tested my son’s urine the night before and he showed ketones (I am diabetic myself and would test him periodically and this time he had symptoms so I purposefully did a test). We WOULD not believe the test results and were so nervous we actually waited a day believing the test strip was faulty!!! My son and I cried all night and I thought we would not make it through this if it turned out he was diabetic (which he was :frowning:

A day none of us parents will ever forget!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with all parents of Type 1 diabetic children…especially the newly diagnosed…hang in there, the year will come full circle and you will be all right!!!

Jodi L.

I am taterbugs (Nate’s) grandma and along with his Grandpa, we found it very difficult this week-end to think back to the absolute terror that week-end a year ago brought to our lives. To think that our much loved grandson just one week prior to the terrifying weekend, was the ring-bearer for our other son’s wedding was mind boggling. How could this be happening.

Well, one year later we have all come along way. Amber’s dedication to researching and learning every thing possible about this disease and her positive and upbeat attitude every single day has been such an inspiration to the rest of us. It has helped us settle into our “new normal” and get on with life, thanking God everyday that we still have our boy.

And last but not least has been the comfort of having all of the various support groups’ encouragement and sharing of knowledge which has played a huge part in helping us along this journey.
Many Blessings to all.
Sue K.