Life With Diabetes

…But it’s Never Easy…

Those of us who had Diabetes as A Child and the turmoil that our Parents have endured.

I give my and all you Parents out there who care for Diabetic Children. You Rock!! :slight_smile:

Thanks - that’s just what I needed to hear today! It’s our 1 year anniversary of type 1 for our 10 year old daughter. Very hard, emotional day for me.

Hi: :slight_smile:

YW! I have no doubt that it is a difficult day for you

WOW! Congratulations To Your Daughter On Her 1st D-Year!! Every new year (every new day) is an accomplishment for us all and worth noting.

I meant to say that I give you Parents Much Credit.

It took me many years to understand my D-treatments and about Diabetes but when I did and got into Better management, I was able to accept my disease.