One year later

I can’t believe a whole year has passed. Sometimes it seems much longer than that, other times like it went by in an instant. I’ve learned so much, yet I know so little.

hehe, 40 years later, I say much the same thing

It’s been exactly one for me also.Lots of ups and not enough normal levels within that year.I still cry today with the idea that I have the dreaded “D”.

in some ways it gets easier, I guess. after 42 years, I’m still learning. I’m so thankful for TuDiabetes. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of growth and maturity in your little darlin. My thoughts are with you.

If I have to have this disease in my daily life, I am so glad it came at a time when the ability to interact with people going through the same problem has been made so much easier by the internet. I would be absolutely lost without y’all!