Online Research Study for Type 1 Diabetes

I don't have any data about endos, but there does seem to be a lot of anecdotal reports on here of endos that are giving outdated information combined with limited time spent and lack of respect for their patients' knowledge and abilities. But there does seem to be especially a culture of lowered expectations for Type 2's by the medical profession.

but even Joslin, despite its position as a leader, doesn't guarantee "success" as there are some members here who've reported going there and not being entirely happy with their results/ management? If you have a population of patients who struggle to meet your standards of success, is it, to paraphrase Nietzsche, more likely that the patients are failing because the patients are "bad" or that the patients are because the doctors and their flying monkeys are bad? It seems like the goals are not aggressive enough. If you are > 7, then 7 is an appropriate goal but it's not your final goal. The goal should be to continue to feel better and improve, not just your numbers but your ability to understand what's going on and take steps to control things? I think that if you feel good when your BG is 100, then your A1C goal should be 5.0 (101 avg) not 6.5 (154 avg) (using this chart:

Goals may not necessarily require money and education but access to insurance is important.


Your fifth question has a spelling error in it? I believe you meant the word TASK rather than the word tast perhaps?