Switching to Mio sets... aggravated by color "choices"

Hi all, just gotta whine here for a minute.

This morning, I called Minimed to order new supplies. I've been using Sof-Sets for about 10 years and now it's discontinued (which I knew) so I'm switching to Mio. It comes in colors (pink, blue, clear) because... trendy? (I guess? "Make your insulin pump a fashion accessory," even the part that plugs into your skin that you don't want to call attention to?) I don't want colors, and I also don't need 32" of tubing between the pump and my body, so I asked for the shorter-tubing option (23") with a 6mm cannula in "clear."

Unfortunately, the 23"/6mm option ONLY comes in pink and blue (no clear) because that's the tubing length for kids, and colors are fun. Gender norms aside (why no yellow, green, or purple? why only boy-blue and girl-pink?), SERIOUSLY? NO CLEAR? When you're making a clear infusion set on the end of a 32" tube, you can't also stick that on the end of a 23" tube? Because I'm sorry, I'm not a "girthy" adult who needs a lot of tubing, and 9" might seem sort of trivial in the grand scheme of insulin pumping but I've been living with approximately 23-25" tubing for 15 years and to now add an extra 9" to my "pump radius" I know it's going to take some getting used to when I'm sleeping, choosing my clothing, etc. And switching to a 9mm cannula just to get a clear infusion set seemed like a riskier compromise than walking around with a longer tubing.

But here's the kicker -- this FLOORED me -- according to the customer service rep, the reason why they don't have clear Mio infusion sets in 6mm/23" tubing is because that particular combination HASN"T BEEN FDA APPROVED. Pink, yes. Blue, yes, Clear, no... EVEN THOUGH it's approved for the 32" tube. WTF-ing, F-ing, F??? It's just a plastic color, a COLOR!!! No functional difference!! Just less noticeable of a color!!

I almost hung up the phone right then, but since I need this stuff, I politely registered my disappointment to the nice lady on the phone (who had nothing to do with Minimed's wacko design decisions), asked her to send a note to the Powers That Be, ordered the clear+32" option, and asked for an address for Minimed's product-development office. They will be getting numerous letters from me on this topic.

*sigh* I guess this is a prime example of first-world problems and I should be glad I can get this stuff at all. BUT. STILL.

WTF-ing, F-ing, F???

I will definitely be using that one in the future!!

As for the approval issue over color, I agree it seems totally ridiculous, be keep in mind there are different chemicals/dyes/etc. used depending on the color -- even clear -- that have to be fully accounted for in the testing and approval process.

I have a similar frustration over the FDA's stringent approval process for any software changes made to the Omnipod PDM (pump controller)... Onerous enough that Insulet has never issued an update, just new PDMs. I mean, correcting a typo on the display requires extensive testing and approval.

Just curious - did the Minimed rep suggest that the Quick-Set was another option ? It is clear, and many more options for length and cannula size. They are very similar to Mios.

You can also ask MM to send you samples to compare.

I have used the QuickSet 43" and 23", and thought 43 was too long and 23 too short. Then they started making 32", and I thought it was perfect.

I don't think of long tubing as "girth" related; if anything I think of it as height related. But I am neither one and just prefer the 43 inch tubing because it's easier to get dressed, etc and makes me feel less "tethered". Just personal preference. I definitely agree with the last sentence.

No, they didn't suggest that... but I tried Quick-Sets several years ago and found the twist-off connect/disconnect really hard to master -- ended up twisting the entire set off of my body a few times. I've really enjoyed having a twist-off connection inline with the tube (leaving just a "pigtail" on my body when I'm disconnected) but all good things must come to an end. I've tried Mios recently and they are comfortable and easy to use, so I'd choose them for that reason, but I really don't want a highly-visible infusion set that's a different color than the rest of me.


OK. I have a purple pump...and I love the color. I am trying the longer tubing for the first time--42". I inserted the cannula in my arm for the first time and the longer tubing makes it much easier. Like Zoe said--easier to do things.

What is it about this disease? It seems I need to learn, try or do something new everyday!

See such things as part of the adventure, and burnishing your expertise. That's how I look at it.

But then, I like being a know-it-all

Wow! I would really like to hear something from Minimed and/or FDA on this one because something's rotten here.

Clear Mio 6mm approved with 32" tubing
Colored Mio 6mm approved with 23" tubing

Unless the 23" and 32" tubing are made from different material(s) ... ???

Or is it that FDA requires every combo of infusion set + tubing to have separate approvals (could it just be a labeling/packing/MM logistics thing)?


I just switched to Mio. Not as painful to insert, one less item to carry since the inserter is part of the set. The colored portion is just the end that attaches to the set, about half an inch of plastic. The container that the set comes in is also colored plastic, but it gets disposed of. I’m happy with it.