Oonetouch usb interface cable

does anyone know where or how to get a Cheap/free Onetouch usb interface cable?? please help!!!!!!

i emailed you

Hi Jeff;
I called onetouch to ask about the accuracy of my ultra mini, and mentioned that I wanted to buy a usb cable for it. They said they'd send one to me free. Bot it within a week and it works great with their software. Good luck,


Here in Canada, OneTouch will send the cable to you for free. They send it by Priority Post which usually gets it delivered within two days.


Please be cautious about listing your email address on a public forum. There are programs that search for addresses. To protect your privacy, you can friend a member & send a PM to give your address.

I inquired with lifescan and they tell me i have to purchase by calling them but unfortunately I don't have the extra $$ oh well i guess I'll have to wait

So I called one touch after seeing mu diabetic educational nurse and told them i was told that one touch would send me a free interface cable and was easy as that i should have it by next Thursday :)