Help -- OneTouch Ultramini and PC

Yesterday I received my OneTouch software and cable in the mail. I got the USB cable (which is a USB-to-serial cable really). I installed the USB driver and the OneTouch software. When I plugged the cable into my computer, Windows said it needed to install the USB-to-serial driver. I let it, then I plugged in my OTUM to the cable. In my documentation it said that the display should change to say PC. Mine doesn’t do anything. And the OneTouch software doesn’t detect the meter either, when I try to set it up. I have reinstalled the driver and the OneTouch software multiple times.

Here are my specs:
Windows Vista Business (Lifescan says Vista is supported with OneTouch 2.3.2 which I have)
Onetouch Ultra Mini with data port
USB cable from OneTouch

I will probably be calling OneTouch about this but wanted to ask here too.

the mini doesn’t work with the software as far as i knew. only the ultra/ultra2/ultra smart

Aha! I read some more on the Lifescan site and found out that there is an extra driver for the Ultramini, Ultralink, and Select meters.

When I got my One Touch Mini, I am on XP by the way, I had to download another driver for it from the OneTouch website. I am fairly sure you will have to do the same thing with Vista, but not positive. I would check their website for sure.

Yep I found it and linked to it above! Thanks. :slight_smile:

BTW, my meter froze and I had to pull the battery. Hope that doesn’t happen again.

Go to onetouch’s website and do a search on their site for usb driver. Install that and you should get it to work without a problem.

It wasn’t the USB driver, it was the UltraMini driver. See above. :slight_smile: