Open to suggestions for sinus issues, tired of suffering

Any suggestions for severe allergies? Right now I'm so tired of the itchy watery eyes, major headaches, runny nose, plugged ears, coughing and gagging. The doctors keep telling me to take over the counter crap. I have been for 15 years with no help, how do I control my sugars when I am always so sick?
Any suggestions welcome, I have also tried the tea pot sinus thing and nothing helps.

Hi Kat. Ive had asthma since I was young. I am also allergic to pollen, smoke, dusts and extreme change of weather temp. Im also allergic to certain drugs and certain types of base ingredients used in drugs. I try to avoid my allergens but in cases I am exposed, I am fortunate that I can take those "over the counter" antihistamines. I was also fortunate that my allergologist is open to some alternative treatments such as: Acupuncture, EPD -Enzyme Desensitization, homeopathy and use of ionization machines. However, I was also advised that not all treatment may be appropriate to all. And again, these are complementary medicines. Best seek advise from a specialist or allergologist for other alternative treatment suitable for you.

My suggestion would be to go to an ENT doc. I too grew up with asthma, had allergy testing done at the age of 6 and am allergic to pollen, smoke, house dust, and changes in weather temp. I went to an ENT when I had a sinus infection that would not clear. Best decision I've ever made.

You may benefit from an allergy spray like Flonase - you spray several times every day whether you are sick or stuffy or not and it works as a preventive. Only helps if you use it every day. The ENT or any doc really can prescribe it for you. It also comes in a generic that is really inexpensive.

I hope you feel better. I know how rotten it can make you feel.

Hi Kat,

Which docs are telling you to use OTC drugs to treat your allergies? Endocrinologists? General practice docs? I'd suggest going to see an allergist/immunologist and having them run the whole battery of allergy tests, to see what exactly you are allergic to.

I had this test done back when I was a kid, in the early 1980s. It entailed laying down on a bed and them doing slight skin scrapes, followed by putting a solution on the scraped surface which contained whatever one might be allergic to. Whichever ones I reacted to (lots of pollens, danders, etc.) were the guilty parties. It was crystal-clear which things I was allergic too, because the skin would break out and itch like made. So they devised a serum for me, and then I got put on once-a-month allergy shots. The shots totally cleared up my allergy problems.

Go see an allergist.

Cheers and good luck,

I clean my sinuses with a warm saline solution. I just mix some sea salt in warm water and "snort" it. With all the pollution we have nowadays, a little cleaning never hurts, and its better than the OTC crapola. I had to find alternative methods of dealing with stuff as I am allergic to 90% of the anitbiotics on the market. I know the snorting slat water sounds a bit uncomfortable or even painful, but I can assure you, it doesnt hurt at all!

Thank you everyone, the general practice doctors and my diabetic doctor keeps suggesting all the OTC meds that just don't work. I was using sprays like flonase and was starting to get more infections and sores in my nose from them and had to quit using them. I have started using nasal rinses,twice a day and that is helping breath better but I still have the headaches. Now to add to my misery my brother came home sick and my husband and I are suffering with that too. LOL life is always surprising us thanks to the weather.
Thanks again everyone I always keep researching my options to not take medications when I dont have to. I will also see about an appointment with an allergy doctor here to see what they can tell me. I used to suffer twice a year, when the farmers opened the fields in the spring and during harvest in the fall. Now it is year round and I dont like taking meds I dont need with my diabetes and heart issues the ones I have are more than enough.

Nasal rinses (neti pots) have made a big difference for me, have been using them for a few years when I start to get stuffy and before I fly. I have changed to using boiled water in the last year due to reports of brain eating amoebas. Seriously with everything else we deal with who needs brain eating amobeas? So keep using the neti pots but make sure you're boiling your water first or using purified distillied water.


well here is my update, I seen an assistant Doctor to my diabetic doctor and she really listened and found that things were not as simple as just my allergies. I have an infection in my sinuses and fluid behind my ears that others were not treating for or they were ignoring to keep me coming back. This Dr. took the time to examine me and find that OTC meds will not treat what is going on, i explained that my husband was in and diagnosed with pneumonia given meds for that and when she was listening to my lungs she said they sounded tight and I was given and inhaler to use 4 times a day for the next 10 days and an antibiotic, we will see what happens.
I'm glad I seen this new Doc and plan on continuing with her, after we treat my allergy and infection situation we are going to crack down on my diabetes again cause this is causing major swings in my BG readings.
I was using the nasal rinse and it was helping but she stated that it would not remove the infection that the other Doctors were ignoring. I am glad to find someone to help me take control of my life again.

Thanks everyone and God Bless

Glad that you have finally found the correct diagnosis :) I really hope that your situation will be better soon. Indeed the allergy stress can cause bg swings. Its also possible that antibiotics may also cause some effects on your bg. Wish you the best!