Otc sinus medicine

Can you guys recommend a sinus medicine for sinus congestion.

During bad allergy seasons I use fluticasone, sold as Flonase. (It’s now over-the-counter in Canada.) It’s an inhaled corticosteroid, so it works directly on the sinuses, unlike many allergy/congestion tablets which are systemic and often (for me) result in sleep disruption, dry mouth, jitteriness, and other side effects. You have to use it daily over a period of time, though, unlike the tablets which you can take as needed.

The only side effect I’ve ever noticed is a temporary lessening of smell and taste. It does not affect blood sugars.

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I have also used this successfully for severe allergies and there is an OTCroduct in the US, too.

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My doctor prescribed me Omnaris but I ony just got it when my symptoms started. I probably need to start it 2 weeks before the season. I also dont really know if I have allergies but this stuff usually happen to me at this time of the year. I see an allergist on the q4 of June. I am going to get some Benedryl allergy and decogestant tabs and try them. Now I know what to do every time I have these symptoms. I have an eye mask that has moisture beads in it . You heat it in the microwave and applyit to your eyes. It works,