Opinions on Nova Max Glucose Meter?

Has anyone used the Nova Max Glucose Meter? My endo gave me one this morning, said it was the most accurate and more accurate than my current meter (Freestyle Lite). Just wondering what your experience has been with this meter. Thanks!

None so far… I saw that they are giving them away online…

Medtronic MiniMed users can obtain a free Nova Max Link replacement by calling the Nova Customer Care line 800-681-7390 and mentioning coupon code FREELINKPR.

I wonder if you were aware of this:

What was your experience with the Nova Max meter like?

I have one and like it. My insurance won't cover the strips though, so I get them on e bay. I usually only use it when I'm sick or something though since I have to buy the strips out of pocket. I have had to use it a couple of times for the ketone feature while sick and it came in handy!

It is an old old meter. Novo Max meter is based off an old BD meter. I used the BD version when I first had my minimed 722 meter and it was the least accurate meter I had. When novo max started to produce that meter I got one as a back it. Still just as inaccurate.

Hi Manny - I never ended up using the Nova Max because my insurance didn't provide coverage for its strips. Looks like it was a good thing too.

I got one in the mail. It was a piece of junk. They sent me a 10 strip sample pack, 6/10 errored out and failed to read. I called them back and told them about it. The next set of sample strips they sent was better but it was no more accurate than the Freestyle Lite I meter I have been using for years.
The one different thing is they had blood ketone strips that came with the meter. I still have those somewhere but I doubt I could find them in my drawer of diacrap.