Optium Xceed and Precision Xtra are incompatible between them

They are both the same, Precision is brandes for the US and Optium for Europe. I bought mi Optium Xceed in Latin america (Venezuela). Ketones test strips are not available in my country so I told a friend to bought them for me in the US. Even considerering that the ketone test strips were manufactured in the UK an look just the same as my regular glucose strips, only that purple, the calibration strip keeps failing misserably (E-6 Code), pehaps due to some sort of incompatibility. Maybe I´m wrong and somebody could show me why.

Some of the Precision/Optium-class meters are made with ketone measurement disabled – some of these are private-labeled. Also, there may be differences in the strips and coding between countries. Other possible issues include expired strips (remember some countries write the month before the day (09/23/2008), and some the day before the month (23/09/2008), and temperature damage during transit (especially if shipped by truck and/or boat).

Owww. That really burns.