Optium xceed

I just bought the optium xceed glucose monitoring system and I am not liking it much it's pen looks and feels cheap not like the one-touch and accua-check, did any one used it ?? I need some ratings?

I love the meter, . Not too fond of the finger pricking thingy… Prefer the accurately-check one.

yeah me too i dnt like fingre pen it seems sooo old , i dnt know . i am afraid that it will give false results , since i am a new pumper now , is it working well with you ? or should i buy another one ?

The machine is really great. I have tried others, but prefer that one. Just got a new one after 4 years, but still even using the old one as back-up one at work. I used the finger thingy at first, but then got an accurately-check one. Have not had any issues with results, I think it is quite accurate. Never have problems with strips, like error messages, like I have had with other machines on occasion, I have only wasted a few strips when in a hurry and then don’t put it in properly before I test and put blood on without paying attention that the machine is not “ready”.

I wouldn’t change the machine for anything! Just the finger thingy :wink:

Mean accu-check… autocorrect changes it to accurately lol…

Don’t you just love auto correct?

I have this meter, but changed the lancet to another brand. I find the meter ok, no complaints.

I like it's unique feature of blood ketones testing

thnx every one :D u really helped i'll just change the "finger thingy" with my other one from accua cheak <3