Orbit Micro/Orbit 90 Infusion Sets

My DD is currently pinging and using Inset 30 infusion sites... we are looking into the Orbit infusion sets and am seeking any and all input positive and/or negative about these sets. TIA!!

I use the Orbit Micros and love them. I’ve had a lot of problems with other sets I’ve used (I’m not sure if I have a Teflon sensitivity or just bad luck). They are so user-friendly compared to the Insets and other sets from Animas I have used, and the steel cannula isn’t uncomfortable in the least as I had feared it might be. It’s very small and painless, and my control has been much better with them.

I was sent a sample of the Teflon ones, the Orbit 90s. I found these impossible to insert; it felt like I was trying to push a very dull needle into myself, and drew blood. But I haven’t heard of anyone else having this problem.

I’d give them a try! If you fill out the form on their website, they will send you a sample.

I am using the Orbit Micros and I love them. I also have the Ping. I just started using that in June. I apparently have a Teflon allergy because I was breaking out in hives from the other sets. I did try the Contact Detach, which is Animas’ steel set but did not like those – the needle is thicker and I feel like I am walking around with a needle stuck in me.

The Orbit Micro needle is very thin and I can’t feel that at all. I have neuropathy in my hands and of the different sets that I have tried, it is the easiest one to get on & disconnected. The Contact Detach is easy to put on, but I have trouble getting it disconnected. When I talked to the guy at ICU Medical and mentioned how nice it is to have something that people with neuropathy can actually use, I found out that he has neuropathy so understands the challenges of using some of that stuff.

I have read some people complain about the little dome that is over the set. That doesn’t bother me but people that wear tighter clothes don’t like that. The guy at ICU Medical did tell me they are working on a flatter set because they have a lot of teens complain about the little dome.

The only bad thing that I can say about it is that sometimes if you pull wrong, it is easy to pull it out. Since I am a new pumper, I don’t know how common that is with other sets. I found that I had the most problems with that when I put them on my love handles but if I put some Flexifix tape on, I don’t rip it out.

When I go to change my cartridge and try to pull it out, the tubing from the Orbit Micro comes off the top of the cartridge. I solved that problem by saving one of the tubes of the Contact Detach and using that to pull the cartridge out.