Orbit Micro , steel infusion sets and Orbit , teflon infusion sets ...new on the market?

I picked up at the Montreal IDF Congress , while visiting the Exhibitors Hall , October 22 ,2009 2 brochures . These infusion sets work with ALL pumps , it states.
I was given Canadian brochures, with a website www.Orbit90.ca . They are manufactured by : ICU Medical,Inc. , San Clemente, CA , USA, 1-800-824-7890 . US website www.Orbit90.com ??
I have been promised some samples .They will become available in Canada early 2010 .
What intrigued me, was the tubing colour ( blue ) …air bubbles easier to detect , freely rotates 360 degrees , body heat activated tape , different tubing lenghts , up to 42 inches , easy one handed connect and disconnect .
Please note edit to posting :
insulinpumps.ca , tel 905-608-9100 noted on the brochure; from business card : fax 905-608-8875 ,

Thanks for the link Nel! I’ll see if I can get some samples as well. Wait, they are from Insulinpumps.ca - so hopefully I get them, as they say they sent them to me last Tuesday - tap, tap, tap, still waiting!!! There is a place in Canada tho’ that I think we can get them - I’ll look into it abit further and let you know (I may have my info incorrect - so don’t quote me here).

Au revoir - sending off pics to you in a sec (memory stick is in my PC right now).

These look really nice, but had no idea when they’d be coming to Canada. It’s nice to see they at least have a placeholder website. Thanks for posting the info. Now I guess it’s off to send an email to diabetesexpress.ca asking that they carry these asap.

I wonder how secure the connection point is, or if it still makes sense to tape the tubing to provide some strain relief on the site.

JeffC, I neglected some info , which I added just now to original posting thanks to you …and why not contact Melany ??

Canada : Available only at your pharmacy …hope this helps …Anna may come up with some info too ( Hi Anna !!)

thanks, just sent melany an email

Wow… sent Melany an email (included my phone number) and my phone rang just minutes after hitting send. Needless to say, I’m getting a sample sent to my pharmacy. I’m impressed by the quick response.

She was curious how I heard about this since they haven’t even launched the product yet… suddenly she’s getting calls about it :slight_smile:

maybe the reason , she wanted me to try before I was going to post this ??? ( which I had told her I would do )…me the inpatient one !
Did you tell her ? …I don’t want to ruin a possible good relationship with a supplier :slight_smile:

Yes, I told her I read about it on this forum… I’m also sure that she’s thrilled word is getting out through word of mouth (forum). I’ll volunteer to share my experiences with my sample too. She just sent me an email with the answer to my question (posted here)…

Quoting her email:

the connection point is very secure if you have followed the instructions for use which state:
“Attach cap to infusion set. One or two clicks should be heard. Rotate set left and right at least 1/2 turn in each direction, while pulling upward on cap to insure the cap is fully engaged”

The connection/tape is excellent on the Orbit and does not require the use of any additional tape.
We are all pumpers here and have been using the Orbit for some time and love it!

Just ordered some samples. Thanks for the post. These could be a pretty good set!

The sample request form webpage is not encrypted. I would advise against using this form to fill out the sensitive information that they are asking. Call them instead.

Thanks John ; are you relating to the US site and may this be the case with the Canadian site as well…which is not up and running yet …under construction , when ready to go ???( from the non- savvy computer user and here to learn ) .

Nel, I’m referring to the US site.

Oh crap! I usually notice things like that. I missed that. Good catch John!

Nel - posted the info on your page - and then found your post now …

I guess you went and jumped the starting line with posting this - but it’s okay . They are available here in Canada - thru’ Diabetes Depot. Box of 10 Orbits - $159.99 CDN. Contact there is Tino Montopoli. If your order is over $200 CDN - postage / handling is free. I’m going to start using the samples on my next infusion change (have a total of 6 that were sent from both Melany and Diabetes Depot). The only confusion might be is that the Orbit Micro (shorter needle) - there is limited supply - so perhaps that is why you posted above that they aren’t available in Canada yet.

So, we will have to exchange our opinion here on how they work on us! Not sure if I’ll have my hubby put them in my lower back (am using my lower back right now - he uses the automatic Inset 90 degree infusion set - not sure if I trust him to do a manual “shove in” - I’m a wimp when it comes to needles - LOL - after 42 years - you’d think I’d be used to it … NOT).

Insulinpumps.ca is NOW up and running - it’s currently a website for those folks wanting info on insulin pumping - they do not actually sell pumps/infusion sets - but offer great advise about pumping! They are all insulin pump users themselves, which makes it even better. Overtime, they may expand the website to a forum perhaps, but that’s still in the oven baking!

Anna from Montreal - aka FatCatAnna - The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic

Useful info , Anna !
You are correct I did jump …and I mentioned this in my Nov. 5 comment and really no regrets I managed to do that :wink: … I recall Melany saying in Montreal , " not av. in Canada " and maybe she said this because I use Sure-T’s ( MM), the steel infusion sets?. The brochures I took home clearly states : Available only at your pharmacy …but this may have to do with living in BC and Pharmacare will pick up some of the $'s ??
What I found out from my Safeway Pharmacy …they order all pump supplies( MM , Animas , Roche etc. ) through Melany ( insulinpumps.ca ) …with the amount required in Salmon Arm , they have NO problem reaching the min. amount to have the stuff shipped .I have not received my samples yet …maybe due to the kind I prefer ?
YES to lets share our experiences with the ORBIT’s …I could come over and help out , ha, ha …you probably could reach yourself and not need help !

I’m not as flexible as you are Nel . You are the Queen of Flexibility with all the exercise you do. I am the female version of Homer Simpson!

No problems - just felt it best to clear up any confusion. I know for myself, I will probably order them up from Diabetes Depot, since currently pharmacies here in QC, don’t carry insulin pump supplies. With my Animas/Medtronic pumps, I had to go to the manufacturer for my infusion/cartridges, etc. Luckily, with Animas, they don’t charge me for shipping (they charge if under $200 - I sometimes only order 1 box of infusion sets, as I reuse my cartridges a few times).

Au revoir for now. It’s time for counting sheep time … baaaaaaaa baaaaaaa

I got an email from Orbit saying thank you for requesting samples and that they are currently out due to high demand. They said they will be contacting my doctor and ship some out asap. My doctor said that they did contact him, so that is a good thing. Kinda looking forward to trying them out.

I received my Orbit 90 Micro samples on Monday… they shipped them to a Walmart pharmacy near me. The guy at Walmart was confused as to why they didn’t ship directly to me… guess there are rules to follow :slight_smile:

The Medtronic Paradigm connectors are not available yet, so Melany included a sample of the Fifty-50 Thinset reservoir with a luer fitting. Also, she didn’t have any of the long tubing, so I got the next length down (30" instead of 42"). So I’m hopeful that soon the configuration I want will be readily available.

I’ll be trying one out this weekend and posting my experience. I like the packaging, although they (and everybody else for that matter) should write the fixed prime amount on the outside of each infusion set. The package plastic is tough and the two I got nest facing one another in a way that they don’t slide and won’t crush each other. Just from the outside these already look better thought out than the competing products.

JeffC …all and all : this sounds promising …is n’t this typical : …for the last few days I have really done well with the MM Sure-T’s and blood glucose numbers. ; well, that is good news in any case.

Interesting thought to add fixed prime number to each set …this number would only be used as a guide in my opinion ?
There is supposedly no fixed priming required with Sure-T’s 6mm , but I do …started out with .1 u ; success with .4 u

I’m using the Orbit Micro with 18" tubing today! I’m so used to the Inset (automated 90 degree infusion set from Animas) that I wasn’t sure how I would be with manually inserting the 32g needle into my skin (saw Nel do something similar during IDF Congress when she had to move her infusion set to another part of her body due to adhesive issues - she made it look so easy). Anyway, so far, I don’t even know I have an infusion set in my body and it twirls around - all around (do I sound like a little kids with a new toy). It went in smoothly, only prob I did have some questions as to how to remove connector/tubing from the infusion set in my body - and sent my query to both Diabetes Depot AND Insulinpump.ca - I got an answer within minutes from Diabetes Depot. I had figured out how to do it, but they confirmed what I thought - as there were no instructions on the phamplet - but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Because the Micro is meant for a more leaner build (5.5 mm infusion needle) I’ll see how the infusion goes thru’ my body fat. I usually use 6.0 mm for infusing, but have from time to time used a shorter needle.
BTW, did anyone detect air bubbles in their BLUE tubing. I haven’t so far, but then, I’ve only got 18" tubing (again, used to longer tubing, so I had to put the infusion in my stomach rather then my leg - but heck - whose complaining?).