Orbit Micro , steel infusion sets and Orbit , teflon infusion sets ...new on the market?

Yeah Jeff - you are right about the fixed prime amount. It’s in the instructions at the end of “how to insert” - Figure 10-11 (had to read over a few times to make sure I was getting it “right”) - but still - would be nice to have on the package itself. Though, my Insets that I use don’t have the fixed prime amount on the packing - it’s something you have to check with in the instruction booklet.

Can’t wait to hear your post about your experience!

Have to correct a few things above on what I wrote - as I was going thru’ the materials that were sent from Melany (she not only sent me Orbit Micro which are the 90 degree steel infusion sets - but for some reason she also sent me the Orbit 90 degree Teflon Infusion sets which I hadn’t asked for, but I guess she sent them on anyways). The claim is that the Orbit (teflon infusion set) has the thinnest cannula - 26 gauge - on the market. I’ve never really look at the gauge on my teflon infusion sets I use which is the Inset 90 degree from Animas (will do research on that later). Have you? I just figure, as long as it goes in, infuses properly, my BG’s are good, I am happy :slight_smile: .

Also, the Orbit Micro (steel infusion set) come in a 5.5 mm AND 8.5 mm (I was incorrect above). I only have one 8.5 mm to try - and after that - the rest are the teflon infusion sets (they come in 6 mm and 9 mm cannula length). I have a feeling right now, as my BG’s are running abit wacky today (high) - that the shorter cannula doesn’t work for me - so may have to remove it tomorrow if this keeps up - and put the 8.5 mm in place. Meanwhile, I’ll correct if I have to with insulin injections if I have to.

Good thing, I’ll be showing my pump to my God daughters son tomorrow, he has been diabetic since age of 6 and is now 9, he’s been approved for a pump in Ontario, so they are curious to see what pumping is all about from someone who actually uses it - rather then just going to meetings, etc. At least his Mum will get to see the removal of this type of infusion set, and see how it’s all done on a live human being .

BTW, very easy to disconnect from the base of the Orbitz Micro - when I took my shower this morning. I find it easier then the usual infusion sets I use (Comfort, Inset) - as sometimes you have to make sure you have the right side up in order to click tubing to infusion set in body.

I had a voicemail message yesterday from our Safeway Pharmacy : there is a package for me and we will pick it up this afternoon .

Sure-T’s have likely same as Comfort , Inset…I often have the incorrect side up , when re-attaching tubing . Not a very big concern , however maybe a step in the process we do not need.
I’ll post , the type of set( s) I receive asap …Likewise for me ,I am more concerned about infusion set kinking , than the gauge number .
And Anna , you will be the right MENTOR for the little bunky in Ottawa…

Ok, so I promised a review. I’ve been wearing the Orbit 90 Micro for 24 hours now, so here it goes.

Things I really like:

  1. the tubing,
  • it’s long enough (vs SureT),
  • it’s more flexible sits flatter than the MM tubing,
  • you really can see the bubbles better in blue,
  • I wear blue jeans all the time, so it’s less noticeable in blue
  1. the packaging is really more sturdy than MM packaging

  2. the skin coloured adhesive is a lot less noticeable than bright white (what are the other companies thinking)

  3. the rotating quick disconnect hub does make it easier to insert into awkward places since I don’t have to worry which way it’s facing before insertion

Things I’m unsure of:

  1. the QD hub sits up a little higher than Sure-T’s or Sils and doesn’t have as solid a feel… still getting used to it. It’s different, so I don’t have a definite opinion yet. It’s solid and not going anywhere, but just doesn’t have that super solid feeling of the MM quick disconnects. I’ve tugged on it to experiment and once or twice accidentally and it stayed put.

  2. the luer connector is a turn-off for me since I use a Paradigm 722 and find the Paradigm connectors superior. This one will be resolved soon enough when they start shipping this set with a Paradigm connector in 2010.


I think this is a good product with lots of thoughtful innovations added. It’s nice to see a company focused on making a product more user friendly.

Jeff …great info …thanks.
My trial of this morning observation so far …( and wearing the Orbit Micro for several hours now ) : the 1.8 reservoir markings difficult to read ( MM has black markings ) …I understand from Melany , that this will be looked into .
I totally agree with Jeff on the luer connector …I like my " being used to MM reservoirs "
By the way I met the gent, the inventor in Montreal …2 thumbs up to him

I’m the same as Jeff that I find the hubb abit higher then my usual infusion set I wear - but the main thing is - I don’t snag my knickers on it like I usually do. Still finding I “lift” up articles of clothing to clear the Inset II I wore (I wear an Animas pump).

When I removed the Orbit Micro today (wearing since Friday) which is very easy and leaves NO RESIDUE - which I’ve always had with other infusion sets - you would never know that I had an infusion set in that spot. The 31 gauge steel cannula - sweet is all I can say. I wish I could have the 8.5 mm length of cannula - but only have another 5.5 mm - and I have a feeling the shortness of it has been causing my BG’s to be abit higher - as the insulin isn’t being absorbed deep enough. Is that possible? Nel can attest, that I’m on the plump side .

I went and used the other Orbit 90 they sent to me - with the 9 mm teflon cannula. I did not like putting that sucker in. Thick needle compared to the 31 gauge steel. Ugh! I think it stung for about 4 hours, now I don’t know the infusion set is there. I’ll see if my BG’s do better, due to the longer cannula length, if so, I’ll know that if I’m able to get my insurance company to allow me to purchase the Orbit Micro 8.5 mm - I’ll be one happy camper.

Some of you may be scratching your head as to why I say “allowed”. My husbands insurance company at work, when I found a company last year that sold my pump supplies at a cheaper rate (I am reimbursed 100% - but still - I like a good deal) they said I had to continue using Animas for obtaining all my pump supplies. I am hoping I don’t have the same problem with purchasing the Orbit Micro from Diabetes Depot - otherwise I’ll be paying out of pocket when I don’t have to. I am in the process of writing to them for help - as I’m going on holidays next week - and really want to bring the Orbit Micro with me!

Am I slacking off here or what ; no added discussion from me ??..to put it simply : I was happy with my samples ( 5.5 mm) …would have preferred longer tubing , which will be av. in Canada …one of my requests to MM some time ago with the Sure-T’s .
MM held a advanced pumpers training night last week here in my area …a bit of topic : DUAL WAVE bolus ! and ofcourse I have read about this here on TU , heard about it from the same trainer before …and hardly ever used " it " till I heard/read about it for the 22 nd time ( ?) …
I also showed MM my Orbit Micro …and was told , that MM used to have simelar , but ended up taking them off the market ( when , I don’t know ??) …problems with the connection I understand …any same reports here with Orbit ??

I still have one more sample of the 5.5 gauge in the Orbit Micro - and then the rest are the Orbit 90 with teflon cannula (I didn’t like the one I’ve tried so far, despite the claim of the teflon cannula being the smallest gauge on the market). I know I would like to to try the Orbit Micro one day whenever they have the 8 mm cannula available. I found stinging with the 5.5 gauge Orbit Micro - so I need to go deeper into my piggy flesh .
Right now, I’m trying I guess what you would call the Sure-T, 9 mm steel cannula (Animas sent me a box of 10 - they couldn’t just send me 2 - I’m not complaining). Very easy to put it - since I’m used to the Inset II (automated). I find it feels bruised (like a muscle got whacked kind of feeling if that makes sense) around the area tho’ (have it in my upper thigh). No discomfort to speak of when I bolus. Have you ever had that with the steel cannula Nel? Remember, I’m a virgin steel cannula girl up until a few weeks ago, before it was teflon all the way . Anyway, it’s good to experiment, and at least see what other infusion sets are out there for us.

That sounds like a rather defensive remark from the MM rep. I wonder if anyone here actually remembers such a MM infusion set :slight_smile:

After using the Orbit micro for 3 days, I can say that the connection seems very solid. I think the pieces that hold the hub part on would dig in further the harder the tubing is tugged, and I definitely tried some tugging on it to be sure :slight_smile: I can imagine that if you hit it in such a way that the hub is squeezed (similar to removal) it might be possible to dislodge it.

Emotionally and psychologically, I prefer the rock solid Sure-T/Sil quick disconnect, but the logical part of my brain tells me that there’s no problem with the orbit.

The thing I couldn’t quite get past with the Orbit was that, like the Sil’s and Quickset which disconnect right at the site, there’s more tugging on the cannula/needle than I like. This is most noticeable on the Sil’s, and I’d say the Orbit is much better than that. But I still prefer the tail on the Sure-T that keeps the needle from experiencing any tugging… and the Sure-T is the lowest profile of all.

  • Jeff

Thank you Anna , the virgin steel gal and JeffC,…no I never do feel a bolus delivery .
I did not get , that MM rep 's remark was defensive …I sure did not mean to have it come across that way here in the discussion …I always have had a good relationship with the individual and hope to continue …Today I can feel the Sure-T infusion set a bit , when I press on it …no big deal ( in my left upper thigh ) ; I also primed .4 u as I have done in the past( not recommended in the literature and I experimented ) …will NOT do this at the next change …as I am a little LO right now …bottom line : my numbers better , since I had a AH HA moment about one week ago re DUAL wave delivery …and for me the use of a needle compared to cannula …I am a happy pumping ,old steel girl for now :slight_smile:

Yeah - I agree with you Jeff that the Sure-T has the lowest profile so far out of all the infusion sets I’ve been trying out lately. I’m like you, that with the Sure-T less stress on the steel cannula. When I would shower with the Orbitz MIcro, I did wonder about clicking the tubing back in, as you do have to press down to get it clicked back into place, but when removing the Orbitz Micro, didn’t seem to have done any damage.

Wierd about MM saying what they did to you Nel. Glad to see you’ve been experimenting with the comb bolus. I do this for ALL my boluses for food. I find less insulin gets wasted due to stretching it out, BG’s stay more stable, and I am actually now using less insulin. I used to average 25 per day, now it’s hovers around 20 per day.

BTW Nel, I feel the infusion set more when it’s in my thigh. I’ve switched over to my stomach, and I don’t even know I’ve got one in place (I’ve got ample sponge material there ). Maybe because my legs are on the muscular side, that’s why I (and you) feel it more. I was finding when I did a certain movement with my leg, that the steel cannula must have been in close proximity to a muscle. Just a thought.

This is for me now, the Virgin Steel Gal, is signing off until she returns back from abit of R and R on the sunny Caribbean on December 7th (still have to pack med supplies). Wouldn’t that be a hoot if we all went on the same cruise ship one day! NEWS FLASH - massive crowds of insulin pumping diabetics take over cruise ship! Heck at $199 for an inside stateroom (NCL Jewel - leaving from Miami) - how can you go wrong!

Anna from Montreal - The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic

In the end , I had to move the set …bad spot I suppose …have gotten good results overall using my legs( when I am NOT in training for the 1/2 M ) …hope you got a lot of R &R Anna ?

Maybe we could get a cheaper deal yet , if we can convince the cruise line to opt for less food and more time spent in the cassino and bar ( and gym or the deck ) …just joking …