Anyone using Cleo infusion sets?

I’ve read that Deltec is out of the pump making business. Have you had trouble getting Cleo infusion sets? I don’t use a Deltec pump but do like the Cleo sets… The last time I bought supplies the customer service guy said he wasn’t sure if they would keep supplying them. :frowning:

Sue - Here’s the website for the company that makes them -… There’s a list of distributors for both US and other countries. Hope this helps.

Just realised you live in Canada (went and looked at your profile page). Have you tried looking at Diabetes Depot (Toronto)? They sent me a few samples of the Orbit Micro - and I’ve fallen in love with those.

Hi Anna!

I get my supplies from It’s really convenient because they are a 10 minute drive from my house, I can go and pick up my orders… The Diabetes Depot webpage has an address in Orono? Hmm… Not sure where that is but I think out toward Peterborough? :slight_smile:

I’ll check out the Orbit Micro…

Yes, I’ve order from Diabetes Express before - they are a little bit cheaper then Diabetes Depot - along with shipping etc. Lucky you that you can go and pick your supplies up directly! I envy you. I have to be patient, and await Canada Post to deliver - and hope that the parcel is still on my doorstep and hasn’t been knicked (for some reason despite package saying “signature required” - they leave the packages on the doorstep - urrrhhh).

Yeah - see if you can get a few samples of different infusion sets to try out. I had been using the teflon cannula’s - but discovered from Nel Peach, when we met up in Montreal at the IDF Congress in October - the steel cannula’s. For myself, I find using the steel cannula over the teflon, they leave next to no visible marking on the outer skin when I remove them. Plus for travelling, they take up less space in my carry on (always want to pack more clothing then I need). The teflon cannula infusion sets are what I was pushed on me by both MM and Animas - and I didn’t know any better at the time . Since meeting other PWD’s (people with diabetes) using pumps here on Tudiabetes and other forums I’ve joined up to - I’ve learned so much more of what is out there on the market for us. Note - the one thing with the Orbit MIcro - is the gauge of the needle I believe is 31 gauge, very thin, compared to the ones I use which I believe are maybe 28 gauge, which are still okay.

Yes, I believe Diabetes Depot is about 45 minutes east of GTA (HWY 35/115) - so you’re probably better of with Diabetes Express! It’s just the owner (a pharmacist) of Diabetes Depot is also a diabetic like ourselves, and when you ask for help, he or one of his team answer right away!