Meds to take when congested

Hi everyone! So it’s been 2 years since being diagnosed on my 38th birthday and I haven’t been sick in 2years. What medicine (over the counter) do you all suggest that won’t made my BGs crazy?
–Congestion/stuffy nose??
–sore throat??
I appreciate your input!!

For congestion I prefer to use a nasal spray such as Drixoral. It has no effect on BG that I notice, and doesn’t leave you with a foggy brain like oral decongestants.

For cough and sore throat, I start with Ricola herbal lozenges, but beware that “No sugar added” doesn’t mean no sugar – some of them contain honey, though the amount isn’t likely to make BG go wild. If they don’t help, there’s Robitussin cough syrup (“Sugar Free – For people with diabetes”) and/or Cepacol “sucrose-free” lozenges.

For general aches, Advil.

And a hot toddy.

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Thank you!!:blush: