Our Community

Yesterday I wrote a blog post that described how I felt about the DRI controversy. It was long, angry and just as I was about to post it, the man who started this whole mess wrote on his blog and tried to explain why he did what he did - I deleted my draft.

Silly question: What is the "DRI controversy"?

You've got a big long blog post on it, and I read it, but I don't know what DRI stands for or what the controversy is. Is this like "JDRF is for the cure" vs "JDRF is for better treatment" (a topic for the past many decades?) when really it's for both?

A few days ago the Diabetes Research institute. Announced that they have a line on what they consider to be the beginnings of a cure. A valued DOC member hyped the announcement with language that was far more hopeful than it warranted and because of his connection to the DRI it was taken very seriously by a great many.

Some of us who have been told every month for the decades (half century... or more!) that the "cure is right around the corner" are a little too cynical to pay much attention to these things. My advice, it's really not worth getting worked up about, or bent out of shape because of, any particular one or what anyone says about them.

Tim - I'm not cynical but I agree with you. My problem (and many others) had more to do with who the hype came from and where they choose to voice it. It was a violation of the community in my opinion. Not so much the message but the method - if that makes sense,

I do agree, hyping "this is gonna be the cure" is in some ways a violation of a community. But those who hype it, also have a big stake in it, so usually we try to tactfully moderate their expectations.

I'm not sure you interact with the JDRF much, but there is a certain amount of internal conflict within JDRF members, as to whether they are there to enable folks to live the rest of their lives with diabetes, or whether they are there to cure diabetes. Has been playing out over and over again past few decades. I think the official JDRF policies clearly are playing to both audiences (and I cannot blame them.)