Our Dexcom G6 experiences


would u mind elaborating a bit, Marie?


The first one I didn’t have Skin Tac yet and had globs of Elmers glue all over it so I was ready to pull it off when it expired. The second almost the same thing as I tried the overpatch and it turned out just as bad. After Skin Tac, not knowing how long a sensor would last I had an x-ray coming up in 26 days that I would have to pull it off for, so I had the first one on for 16 days and then put a new one on. That x-ray was canceled so I have now restarted that one.


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I have to either start a new sensor right before bed, or right before I go to work. Both spell a recipe for disaster for me. So my first day now is NOT FUN.[/quote]

You aren’t the only one. This batch of sensors haven’t warmed up as quickly as my last batch did. If change day happens on a work day I have to choose between being annoyed at the various alarms and requests for calibration (morning insertion) or losing sleep (evening insertion). At this point I’ve given up on getting anything reliable for the first 8-12 hours of the newly inserted sensor.

Today I put in a new sensor around noon. I got a bleeder so I just dabbed up the blood with a paper towel and put in the transmitter. Urgent low two hours later, a couple of rejected calibrations, then temporary sensor error “wait up to 3 hours” interspersed with occasional readings that seem to be within error tolerance.


If we get a bleeder that bad, we don’t bother with the transmitter. We pull the sensor, (save the bloody used sensor) and put in a new sensor (obviously in a different spot).

Then call Tech Support and request a replacement sensor. For a bloody insertion, they typically ask us to send back the bloody used sensor (which is why we save it).

Minor blood that does not extend past the sensor housing usually works fine for us.

A completely bloody soaked patch never gives us anything but garbage so we no longer waste time with those plus Tech Support has never given us any trouble sending a replacement for when the patch is soaked upon insert.


Good to know. It’s the first time that happened, it didn’t even soak the patch at all. It’s trial and error and frankly tech support isn’t very useful other than asking if I want a replacement or wait it out.


Thank you for the information.