Our Dexcom G6 experiences

u are braver than me. it’s not secure w/o a transmitter installed.

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Good video. Thanks for posting it. I will try this after the next sensor removal while the G6 transmitter is still attached.

Unless I prove I can do it smooth than I do not think I will be allowed to try it on a live sensor.


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I’ve done this twice with no issues. First time I put it on before bed, installed the transmitter in the morning.

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Thanks for the video.

I just removed my G6 yesterday, but still have trans and sensor snapped in. So it took a few tries, using an official contour next strip Transmitter removal tool, but its easy once you learn exactly how to angle and move the strip to release the “clips”.

I’m sure it would be harder when attached to dominate arm/hand, so I’ll my do next (and last G6) sensor in leg.
Then back to G4 only.


ha ha ha



Reasons to remove G6 transmitter.

  1. You were “soaking” a new sensor already inserted, and placed an OLD transmitter on it to protect sensor. Now you want to put active transmitter on the soaked sensor.

  2. You have current sensor and transmitter working fine, but near day 10. You want to “restart” the same sensor. Removing the transmitter only (while leaving sensor on your body), waiting about 10? Minutes, then reattach transmitter, makes it act like a new (well soaked) sensor.

Is this correct?

  1. Yes
  2. No. To restart the sensor, you only need to stop the sensor, start it again WITH NO CODE. Wait 15 minutes, then restart the sensor again with the correct code.
    A note on this, every time I start a sensor, I always take a picture of the code sitting on the label of the sensor so I can see the code and Lot number. Easy way to keep track of the code, and if you need to call Dexcom, the info you need is right there.

There are multiple ways to restart G6 sensor. Removing transmitter is one of them.

Restart G6 sensor

Yes, many different ways.
I just tell Xdrip to preemtively restart it for me, and I don’t have to do anything, or even remember what day it is supposed to expire!

yes, xdrip has a lot of features not found in Dexcom software

Same for me, except I’ve soaked for 18 and 24 hours. I both cases I showered.

I considered placing a small piece of tape over the sensor housing (not touching the electrodes), to protect if from mechanical damage. I think mechanical damage is the greatest risk.

I hope this continues working. I’m not anxious to remove the transmitter. With my marginal fine motor skills I’m afraid I’d screw it up.

I want to try to restart my G6 transmitter, it’ll be 100 days soon. Do I have to have an ap to do so or has anyone figured out a way without an ap?

And if I have to have an ap, which ap is the easiest to use for this?

Thanks everyone!

I used this method from @Laddie. Worked like a charm.

I believe the Spike reset app is currently not working, and available only for iPhones.

But using Spike or xDrip app INSTEAD of dexcom receiver or dexcom G6 app, will not stop at day 112. They will keep reading as long as transmitter battery is strong enough.

That’s too bad. Spike allowed me to reset the transmitter clock then return to using the Dexcom app. Will X-Drip do the same?

No, Xdrip does not do this.
I REALLY wish it would though!

My understanding is that the spike reset app actually updates the internal counter on the transmitter. If it was working, the iphone it is installed on can be used on any G5/G6 transmitter.

Once transmitter is reset, its like a new one, and could be used with xDrip, Spike, or dexcom receiver/app.

Alternative is to use another app that reads the transmitter, and does not stop reading when transmitter days is > 112days.

The apps that can do this are xDrip for Android, and Spike for Apple. They are not installed from store, and requires a few extra steps.

That’s correct. Spike resets the transmitter clock. If it’s no longer available it looks like I’m SOL.

This app saved my rear end last month when Dexcom failed to deliver new transmitters before the one I was using expired. I reset the clock and I’m using that transmitter right now. The Spike app also shows the battery operating levels so you can decide whether it’s prudent to continue using it.

Right there with you. If a G6 sensor stays functional for 10 full days, I feel like I should go buy a lottery ticket! I think they’ve probably sent me 10 replacements since I started. This product was not ready to be released. They’re basically field testing it on their customers. Very frustrating!

Also, “Temporary issue. Wait up to 3 hours.”

TEMPORARY?!? 3 Hours?!

It’s been a year since this original post and there’s still no improvement. I have a $3600 deductible, which means I get to pay $1000 for a 3-Month supply of this garbage product. :frowning:

Not impressed. Want my G5 back.

Welcome to the list @Russstedman.