What are your 5 worst Diabetic Habits?

Hi Everyone,
Well I have many bad habits and I’m not talkin about how love to pick my hang nails but the bad Diabetic habits we have.

Here are a few of mine. :slight_smile:

  1. Changing my Finger Picker - Why I don’t… I feel like it’s the lease of my problems
  2. Changing the fingers I prick - For some reason I have my favorite few.
  3. Eating to many Carbs at meals… This is a setup for disaster :frowning:
  4. Lying to my wife about how low I am… - I do tell her I am low, but sometimes I lie a little bit so I don’t scare her.
  5. Saying ahhh 150 isn’t bad at least I’m not 250.

Well I could write many many more. What are yours?

  1. I have 2 favorite fingers…i rarely prick any other ones
  2. I sometime over eat for a low
  3. I must confess sometime I over bolus so I can eat a “treat” later when I’m low
  4. Always bolusing to bring a high down, when I could easily walk it off
  5. Eating nothing but junk one day and saying “oh, well I’ll wait until Monday to start over”

too many carbs!
too much exercise - not sure if that’s a bad thing but it messes up my numbers alot
lying to my parents about being fine with no insurance

i think those are the major ones :slight_smile:

When I was like 9 years old I used to make myself get low so I could eat “Skittles” that my Mom had frozen for me in the fridge… sorry Mom :slight_smile:

Funny how you have favorite fingers too

Arugh… I hate forgetting my Meter… The CoZmo Pump I use, has a meter attached (currently don’t use the meter though) was great to not have to “remember” the meter… But then it was like… do I have strips???

My favorite fingers are…Right hand ring finger, Right hand Pinky, and Right Pointer… My left hand is like silky smooth… lol

  1. eating, bolusing, then eating a little again, and for some reason thinking, “oh, maybe that one bolus will cover the two times I ate”
  2. Eating too many glucose tabs when low (I actually love g. tabs)
  3. Butting into people’s conversations when they talk about a relative’s t2 diabetes
  4. Too many damn carbs, especially at night
  5. Faking lows or highs to get out of doing things (some friend, huh?) haha

Here are the top 5 (as of today – it changes all the time):

  1. Using the same 5 fingers over and over again to test.
  2. Did someone say “cookies”.
  3. Too many carbs per meal. Too many calories per meal.
  4. Too little exercise (I did go to the gym twice this week, and am thinking about going again tomorrow).
  5. Not seeing the doctor often enough.

Which flavor of glucose tabs… I have the grape itch lately?

  1. Ignoring the alarms on my pump.
  2. Not bolusing for snacks - gets me every time.
  3. Not washing my hands before testing - had lead to artificially high readings, over correcting and then a low. Now it leads to wasted test strips because I can’t believe the number is that high.
  4. Waiting to the v-e-r-y l-a-s-t d-r-o-p before recharging my pump reservoir
  5. Ditto - convincing myself that 150 or 160 is acceptable.

I agree with everything said above, and I’ll add one more - when my dawn phenomonon is very active and I wake up high, I have a little troll inside who says “shoot you’re already high - why not stop at Starbucks and get a giant cinnamon roll? - what difference will it make”. So, I do that and spend the rest of the day chasing readings of 300, and then finally crashing from too much correction. On the flip side, if I deal with a fasting high, I can usualy be on track by mid-morning.

same 1 and 2. Wow I did not realize I wasn’t alone in this.
3. Not getting the exercise I need. Because I feel like crap.
4. Not being able to control how much I eat when I have a low. I go nuts.

1- Eating too much

2-Eating to fall asleep at night

3-Exercising only 1/2 hour per day on average

4- Getting depressed because of inability to loose weight

5- Not trying hard enough to cut out all of the above.

4… Funny I let my Low Reservior Alarm go off twice before changing sometimes… Bad habit for sure :slight_smile:

LoL :slight_smile:

I have done this countless times, except it is a chocolate chip muffin at the cafeteria downstairs. :slight_smile:

1.I don’t change my lancet very often,only when it gets dull.
2.When my husband asks me what my blood sugar is I will tell him a different number if I am too low.He tends to over react.I just assume keep it to myself because usually I know the reason.
3.I get a little anxious to test especially when I have had a recent high or low.
4.I tend to use my pinky fingers to test.

OMG - I’m not the only one who does this??? :slight_smile:

  1. Jabbing myself too hard in a rush so that I have nice big green bruises all over my belly.
  2. Telling myself I can have more of whatever because it’s sugar-free.
  3. Sleeping in really late and waking up really shaky.
  4. Purposely not testing post-prandial when I know it’s gonna be high.
  5. When I am high, just saying, what the heck, and then eating whatever I want.

oh man, i found these watermelon ones, they’re AMAZING!!!

oh ya, on #4

I wait until i’m literally OUT. very bad habit indeed