Our new administrator, Scott

Many of you know him for his friendly smile. We want to announce Scott has kindly accepted our invitation to become our newest Administrator in the community!

Please join me in welcoming Scott to this new role. Thanks for becoming a part of our admin team, alongside Kristin, MelissaBL and DiabeticizMe.

Together this group works very diligently to keep the community clean from spam and commercial influence and a supportive environment for all touched by diabetes.

Bah, I’m still old and cranky!

I’m just glad to be able to help out in some small way, tuDiabetes has been a great place for me to hang with folks who “get it”!

Well, well, well how on earth are you gonna keep manners on him ? Well done Scotty !

oh goodie! Perfect choice to round out the team.

Congratulation Scott,I think first order of business should be a administration meeting in Hawaii.

Yes, I’ll just get packed, shall we bring our own champagne ?

Congrats Scott!! :slight_smile:

Good choice

Congratulations Scott!!! Yeah!!!

Yeah! Congrats Scott!

woooo! go scott!!! congrats =]


Is that your mug at the bottom of the page??? How’d you get to be so powerful??? Congrats!


Congrats and WTG Scott!,Now beam me up Scotty!

Hooray Scott! WOOOO :slight_smile:

dear, I’m just the token old, cranky guy


Welcome Scott!!!

Congrats, Scott!

Maybe old & cranky, but also cute & sooo funny. We’re counting on you to continue to be all four!

Congrats, Scott! Yupeee!!!
So when is the party?


Congratulations Scott!

If there is ever anything I can do to help, please let me know!

Yeah, I vote for that, anything to pinch those cheeks !