Out of pods..now what?

Crap. Last pod expired about 5am this morning. Shipment has not arrived yet. I only have Novalog and syringes. I guess I will be forced to use this until my shipment comes tomorrow (hopefully). I'm already 218 after breakfast...I took 2.5 units based on my I:C ratio...not enough. Any tricks or suggestions?????

Seriously can't wait for shipment. This is not fun.

Have you tried contacting your local Omnipod rep to see if he/she has any suggestions. You might find that there are others in your area that are Omnipod users as well. I have been thinking about getting into contact with other Omnipod users in my area just to let them know that if they get into this type of situation that we can activate a “Supply Help” action. Are you in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? I know I have about a months extra supply on hand and could get you an extra pod if you are nearby.

Go to the pharmacy and buy sme N insulin, you dont need a prescription. Or Lantus if you have a prescription. The Pods will usually last about 8 hours after they expire, then you have no basal. Act qucikly though or you’ll end up in an ER.

Not to be rude, but you should have a plan for things like this.

A few years ago I had my pump fail suddenly and ended up waiting three days for a new one due to a shipping nightmare. I spent the first 24 hours of that taking only Humalog before I finally took some Lantus (my pump was supposed to arrive within hours originally).

Make sure you are covering your basal needs as well as boluses. Do a small injection every three hours or so with either just basal, or basal + bolus + correction, as needed. This will mean waking up throughout the night if you will be going for more than one day without the pump.

Or you could get Lantus, though the downside of using Lantus is that it hangs around for two or three days even after you’ve got your pump back. When I fianlly took Lantus I ended up having to wait for an extra 12 hours after I got my pump back to start using it for a basal rate, as the Lantus was still working.

Good luck!

If you don’t have access to any basal insulin (I would recommend lantus or levemir…call your doc–hopefully you have an emergency contact for one of his staff people) then you can just use your quick acting (Novalog) every 2-3 hrs.

What is your basal rate set for? If it’s 1 u an hour, for example, you would need to give a small shot of novalog (2 units) every 2 hrs. This is not ideal, but it would suffice until you could get some basal insulin and/or new pods.

You can use Novolog every 4-6 hr (at least once during the night), until pod arrives. You have to take a higher dose than calculated per your carb ratio to compensate for lack of basal insulin (extra 3-5 units depending on your basal rate)

Thanks for all the advise guys! That’s the wonderful thing about this web site…and why I love it so much. I have been using my Novalog every few hours and have actually had decent #‘s today. I do have a DEX, so it alrets me if I start to get high (thank goodness). I will porobably set my alarm to go off at least twice tonight for a quick lil’ bolus. Hopefully the pods will arrive tomorrow and I will laugh about this situation (not really). :slight_smile: Thanks again!!!