Year of the Diabetic

Being a diabetic is not easy and I only suffer from the mild complications. As of current I don’t take medication or insulin shots — diet and exercise are my only remedies. Three months after being diagnosed with diabetes I quit my job. I quit because my job was high stress and there wasn’t a good work/life balance which was leaving me neglecting my health. Since quitting my job I’ve felt much healthier, but it’s left me without health insurance and therefore I have not visited the doctor in a while now.

I’m not regretful quitting my job, because my health comes first, plus for years I’ve been wanting to branch out on my own and start an online business, this just simply put those gears in motion. Many people tell me that I’m crazy for quitting my job in this economy, I tell them — “a job isn’t my source of income, God is”.

It’s been quite a ride, but I’ve enjoyed being self-employed and running my own online business. It allows me more time to focus and concentrate on my health. I am better managing my diet and exercise program. Going the route I did of just taking the plunge to start my own business without having the money is risky and sacrificial. It comes with a price and that price for me is no health insurance for me or my family. This is a costly price to pay, but I am in hopes that my business soon makes enough for me to afford proper medical care.

Since starting my own business, I’ve advocated for other diabetics to do the same, because it helps you to live a manageable lifestyle. For myself, working was stressful and overbearing — it consumed my life, everyday my concentration was on my job. I brought my work home with me and allowed it to be the top concern in my life, not a healthy lifestyle. Quitting my job gave me time back that I was able to use to manage my diabetes.

Besides, starting Diabetes Battle a publication of syndicated news and blogs surrounding the topic of diabetes, I run a growing web services company which provide web hosting, design, and marketing services. The stress level of running my own business and working is really not much different, but being able to set my own schedule gives me the time I need to manage my diabetes. I am able to take a few hours out of the day to lie down and rest, if need be, having this option is highly rewarding for someone with diabetes. I’m easily able to eat healthy, because my kitchen is my breakroom. What I’ve learned is that there is life after diabetes, you must live a manageable lifestyle to manage diabetes.