Ozempic and weight loss

I started Ozempic a month ago and have been on the .25 dose. I didn’t lose any weight on that dose despite eating less. Yesterday, I took my first .5 dose.
I was curious how it went for others with weight loss on Ozempic? Did it take a higher dose? It’s helping my sugars some without major side effects. I hope that continues. Seeing a new Endo. the end of April.

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Well done - looks really interesting. What other medications are you taking?

I’m on ozempic, Studies show a weight loss over 12 months “People who weighed an average of 198 pounds and took the 0.5 mg dose of Ozempic, on average, lost 9 pounds”

I have a drug I need to take, increase my insulin resistance and put on more weight. Ozempic did lower my insulin resistance and decreased my apatite a lot. For me it doesn’t replace LCHF/Keto. Combining both, I have lost 25lb is 6 months. Whilst still taking the drug that is affecting me.

This video of a guy plugging Ozempic is worth a look.

That’s a good weight loss Jack. Congratulations! What dose were you on?

That was very good explanation of this class of drug.