Ozempic stopped working

I have been using 1mg / week of Ozempic for a couple of years. I initially found a great benefit and lost 50 lbs. However I gained 30 lbs back and the Ozempic has simply stopped working. I experimented with going off for a month and coming back on but same problem. Has anyone else experienced this where Ozempic just stopped working and what did you do?

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It sounds like your insulin resistance may have increased? What is your diet like? I don’t think meds replace diet for T2. I’m on Ozempic and lost 25lb, so far, but it’s slowing down. Studies show an average of 12lb loss over 12 months.

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I have no experience in Ozempic, but have a terminal disease, malignant curiosity. The best I could find online is from this website. There isn’t much else available, but these two people have the same problem.

I’m a Type 1 diabetic, so my reaction to Ozempic could be different from someone with Type 2, but when I first started taking Ozempic, I lost nearly 13 pounds, and my A1C went from 9 to 6.6, the best it’s been since I was first diagnosed at 12. Then I noticed the Ozempic abruptly stopped working. I had mainly taken it to improve my insulin resistance, and it seems as though I’m more insulin resistant than I was before starting the Ozempic. My blood sugars averaged about 110 and then suddenly ballooned up to averages of about 220. I hadn’t made any changes to my basal, bolus, or habits. I stopped taking it because I’ve seen people say their insulin resistance actually got worse after taking Ozempic. I hope this perspective helps and that more research can be done on the effects of Ozempic on both Type 1s and Type 2s!

You could just take more insulin since you are already on insulin. If you are truly insulin resistant, like 100 units a day resistant, then maybe try another drug like metformin.