PA1D Project

Hello there

Thank you so much to those who have participated in my Phd project aimed at improving care for those with Type 1 Diabetes. And to the admins who so kindly let me advertise it here. This part of the project will conclude on the 31/08/2015. This is a reminder for those of you who may not have completed the study to please do so by logging in here please note that this is for registered user only. if you have any problems with this please let me know and I can reset your password. It is really important that I get as many data points as possible and as of yet only about 1/3rd of participants have completed. As always you can log in and out as many times as you want. Also the site is not mobile optimised so please avoid doing it on a mobile if possible as this may raise unpredictable issues.

If you would like to take part and have not done so yet you can do so by starting here

This research is approved by TuDiabetes Administration.