PA1D Study - Type 1/ LADA

Hi There I am Jacq and I am a Type 1 PHd student studying at Birkbeck University of London. My doctoral research looks at psychological/social/cultural factors affecting blood sugar control among those who have Type 1 diabetes and are aged 16 or over. The admins have kindly allowed me to post my study here as I really need participants (particularly from outside the UK). You can log in and out of the study (it typically takes 20 - 30 mins) and you can access it here

Any questions please feel free to ask

This study has been approved by TuDiabetes Administration.

Thanks so much :slight_smile: this will really help me

Am I the only one who misread this as “Paid” study - as in money or other renumeration is involved. I doubt this is unintentional and I won’t be taking this study.

PA1D stands for Psychological Aspects in Type 1 Diabetes Project (PA1D), it’s an acronym


It certainly wasn’t on purpose, im a phd student we’re not exactly known for having lots of money, it was simply the best acronym, if you go through to the website it is very clearly labelled

Hi everyone, I still need around 400 participants for my Phd Study which you can find here

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Still need loads of participants :frowning: - please help if you can

300 to go - not many then lol

I took the PA1D Study. very interesting questions. I just figured hey why not. Only one section, I had to mark no answer. and that was about children. (me and my wife have none) (We chose not too).
I did notice, a lot of the question do have a lot to do with some diabetics I have met online.

Thank you very much I appreciate your help. Getting closer to critical mass now which is great. I look forward to the big reveal when I get to publish myresults and hopefully explain a lot of the scales used