I have gastroparesis and having issues with chronic nausea, vomiting, and pain. I was on reglan but switched to dompiderone because of potential risk of the side effects from reglan. Well the reglan works better for me and is only $3 a month as the domperidone is $90 and has the same risk as reglan because its in the same drug class. I heard about the gastric pacemakers. I want to learn more about them. Is there anyone out here with one that can tell me more. Also how do you find a doctor who does them? Thanks for all your help.

Hi Kristen,
I have one (Gastric Stimulator/Pacemaker), which I had placed in Dec 2002 for my Gastroparesis (GP). It has helped me tremendously, but is definately not a cure. It just really helps with your overall nausea and reduces the number of GP episodes that occur. The device is made by Medtronic, so they are a good source to go to for more information on the specifics of how it works, and may even have links to where it’s available. I was actually referred by my primary doctor to the place and doctor and medical team that does the procedure. I live in the San francisco Bay Area and the doctor/surgeon/medical team I go to is located in San francisco. You may want to start looking for a GI-Motility specialist which may be your best option for finding a doctor and surgeon who does this. Good luck.

I see a gastrointerologist. Is there a difference? I live in the Boston area. So I am sure there is someone that does this in one of the Boston hospitals. I will ask my endo about it as I see her next month.

I think there is/can be a difference between a gastroenterologist and a GI-Motility Specialist. I believe GI-Motility is a specialty within Gastroenterology that not all Gastroenterologists are trained/or have in-depth knowledge of. You will really need to seek out a GI-Motility team which will include a Gastroenterologist specializing in Enterra Gastric Stimulation, a surgeon that has experience placing them, and a medical person that can do/has experience doing adjustments to your Enterra device once it’s been placed (this may be the same Gastroenterologist specialist or someone else on their team).

I just went to the Metronic website and found some information you may find helpful including on how to go about getting a device. Here is the link:…

There is also a phone number that give you info on doctors who do this:

Find a doctor who offers Enterra® by calling Medtronic Patient Services at (800) 510-6735

I hope this helps.

fortunately i haven’t needed one yet, i manage with dietary changes. was allergic to reglan and importing domperidone from canada was a PITA.
I know they do them not far from me at wake forest baptist hopsital.
is where my GI doc says he’d send me if i end up needing it.

by the way, reglan and domperidone are in different risk groups when it comes to neurological issues - reglan crosses the blood brain barrier and can cause parkinson’s like symptoms after long term use. domperidone doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier. so please be careful

Hi Margaret

I noticed we live very close :slight_smile: I actually attend CSUEB in Hayward. I wanted to know what were your early symptoms of Gastroparesis? This question is for everyone. I have not been diagnosed but my symptoms which I’ve had for a while are related to GP. Also, are you with kaiser by any chance?

Hi Desiree,

Sorry I’m a bit late responding. I just had a minor surgery a few days ago and wasn’t online for that time. Yes, you are right we probably do live close by. I actually graduated from CSUEB when it was still under its former name Cal State Univ Hayward. As per your question about early symptoms of GP, I just had a lot of nausea, which eventually lead to vomiting, dehydration, and pain. Once it starts progressing, another symptom is early fullness after eating very little. I used to sometimes have difficulty swallowing certain types of food. Symptoms can vary though in each person with GP in type and degree of intensity. My GP was extremely severe in the beginning, then came in cycles, and now occurs a few times a year. When I do experience a GP flare up though, more than half the time I end up in the ER. No, I don’t have Kaiser. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, which has been good for the most part.

kristen, i live in the boston area and i have the pacemaker. its made by medtronics and it doesnt help everyone. it didnt help. i suggest you do your research before doing it cause its permanant. i went to beth israel deaconess and dr. lembo is my gi doc. Beth Israel no longer does the surgery but i believe that Brigham and Womens does.

look up the website medtronics and search for enterra therapy. they claim that this helps with nausea only. they say that they did a study. not a lot of people have this and the study only included 33 people. i believe i am in this study and told them that it helped me cause i thought it did in the beginning.

im not trying to discourage you but just do your research. i really had no choice i had been on a feeding tube for a few years and my body was starting to reject the feedings so… i had to do it. i can eat again but im in the hospital weekly (literally)

good luck!