Diabetic Gastroparesis and Electrical Gastric Stimulation

I hope this is the right forum for this.

I was dx a while ago with diabetic gastroparesis. In the last six weeks I have been having stomach problems that were different from what I normally experience (pain, nausea and vomiting). My doctor sent me for an upper endoscopy and it seems that it has gotten worse. The doctor ( a gastroenterologist) who did the the procedure is recommending an electrical gastric stimulator, for anyone who doesn’t know it is a pace maker for the stomach to help digest food faster. I was just wondering if anyone has or knows anyone who has this? What was the procedure like? How well it has worked for them? Basically any information, benefits, complications they know of.

I’d appreciate any input and information.

Thank you,

We have many members who deal with gastroparesis. Hopefully, they’ll chime in with their feedback. You might check out our group for members with Gastroparesis. It currently has 15 members.

I also have gastroparesis but am not yet using the electric stimulator. I have heard some wonderful things about it however. A fellow I know has had one for about five years and he swears by it.

Good Luck