Wow! Who knew...?

My blood sugar is usually all over the place. I've gained weight because of it. And it just sucks!! But! I recently (about a week or so ago) started writing down everything I ate, what my blood sugar level was before I ate, and how many units I took...and I have been able to have more steady levels! Just by writing it all down? Why didn't I think of doing that forever ago?? It really helps! With that, and going to the gym, I hope I can get back down to my original weight and more fit! Going up in pant size is so discouraging...know what I mean? :P

That's awesome that you've been able to make proress! I know what you mean about gaining weight too. I gaind several pants sizes a few years ago and is has been a lot of work to get back to where I started. The first steps can be the hardest!

Thanks! It's encouraging to know that you atleast got back to where you started. I always have "You're just going to gain more, so why bother?" ringing in the back of my mind. But my goal is to get back to where I was! And having my blood sugar in check is definitely the first step. :) thanks for commenting!!

Good for you! Logging really does help, so does the gym ;) Keep us posted please.

Keeping logs is the key. At least it was for me. It has taught me the effects of what I eat bloodsugar wise. By controlling my carbs I have my best control ever and managed to lose more than a few pounds along the way.

I use a smartphone for my logs since I'm to lazy write it down but what ever you do is great.

And I agree with AR "THAT'S AWESOME"

Thank ya'll! I just never thought logging was important at all. It makes me so excited to know that it helped you, Stemwinder! It gives me hope. =)

It's amazing how much you miss when you don't write everything down. I go on and off recording stuff, but I try to get on top of it a couple times a year to get a clear sense of where I'm at. Weight yo-yoing is common. Just make sure you test before you work out, and right after you work out. I try to eat some protein with in an hour before a work out to keep my sugars steady, and I try to time my work outs shortly before a meal so that if sugars are starting to drop I can counter them with calories that were already intended for my day. (Nothing is worse than at the end of the day having a big low and feeling like you blew your work out because you had to follow it up with a bunch of sugar)
I've gained 15 lbs as a diabetic, and I've lost (Healthily and slowly) 15 and have been at my current weight for the past 4 years. I would mention to your doctor that you want to start losing weight. You may have to learn how to adjust your doses accordingly. (When I'm consistent about working out, I need about 2 units less of lantus a day, and my carb to insulin ratios are lower as well)
Good luck! It's absolutely doable! Keep glucose tabs on hand!