Pain when bolus insulin is delivered

My daughter swapped from a Cozmo pump to Animas 2020 pump a couple of months ago.
Whilst she loves her new pump there is one thing that is bothering her.
When the pump delivers her bolus insulin it hurts her. I think the problem lies with the amount it delivers @ 1 unit a pulse. Her Cozmo delivered it in smaller amounts.
Does anyone else have this problem? She uses the Inset II infusion sets could they be the problem?

Does the 2020 have delivery speed on it?
I always pick slow, otherwise it stings.

There’s an option under Setup->Advanced that lets you decrease the Delivery Step Amount. Try that.

My daughter had the same experience when she first started pumping. She has the Ping and there’s a ‘slow’ setting under the bolus menu, or somewhere in the set up, that allows the insulin to be delivered more slowly.

She also uses the Inset 30 which is an angled and doesn’t poke straight in her site.

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Hi Michelle.

I don’t know about the 2020, but we just started on the PING. On the PING, there is an option that allows for “Delivery”… and you can select either NORMAL or SLOW. We have it set to SLOW.

We had an issue with the first site. My daughter said it felt like she was getting poked with every bolus. But once we changed sites, that sensation went away.

We are new to the pump (less than 1 month), so I’m not too familiar with the names of the infusion sets. We use the ones that go in at an angle. We were told that the ones that go in straight might cause the sort of discomfort you describe, but that is heresay… we have not ever even tried them.

==> Mike.

Ooops - didn’t see that you weren’t using the Ping. Not sure about the 2020.

I sometimes get a stinging sensation when bolusing, with certain sites. Changing the site helps, but I just tend to deal with it. It’s unpleasant, but not terrible pain.

the 2020 has that. options are 5.0, 1.0, 0.5, 0.1. i set mine to 0.1 right away when i got it on the advice of my CDE but sometimes it still stings. i usually do the combo bolus for anything over 5 units. the lowest timer on the combo bolus on the 2020 is 0.1 hours or 6 minutes. rarely if ever stings when i do that.

and yes, that often means when i do a BG correction i get the pump to calculate the bolus, then decide to do it as a combo bolus and have to either give one unit under BG correction and then back out and deliver the rest as a combo, or just back out and do it all as a combo. my doctor prefers that i do the former, since he can’t download my navigator and if i back out of the BG bolus completely it won’t store the BG reading for him to download later.

Marti, that’s interesting. A new approach.
There is a setting though, at least on the ping, where your bolus doesnt deliver as quickly and thus it doesnt hurt as much.

i’m not sure if you mean the step delivery or if you mean the overall duration of the bolus delivery. on the 2020 you can choose the duration of the bolus delivery under the carb menu or under the combo bolus menu, as 0.10 hours, 0.50 hours, 1.0 hours and so on up in half hour increments - a square wave bolus
but under the advanced settings you can choose the step delivery settings for units at a time as 5.0, 1.0, 0.5, and 0.1 units. i think that equates to the slow or fast delivery on the ping, but i’ve never put my hands on a ping so i am not sure

Yeah, duration. I dont know how much of a difference it makes, but selecting setuo Advanced Screen 2 on the Ping, Slow bolus delivery, seems to take the sting away. The only other option is normal.

I had the issue with the insulin itself. I tried having the bolus be slower and in normal and both caused pain. I was on humalog. I am now on Novolog and no pain for me.

My son says it hurts more when he has just changed his inset. I didn’t know about the slow option. Thanks for sharing.

Marti, The step delivery settings you refer to how much will be delivered when you push the Audio delivery bullton which is on the end between the reservor location and the battery cap. It does not refer to delivery speed for any other bolus.

that would explain why i’m confused. i have never used the audio bolus feature

Many thanks for all your replies.
My daughter is now back to wearing her Cozmo pump for the time being as she was getting so upset with the pain the Animas was causing her when she bolused.She likened it to a bee sting every time it pulsed.
The problem lies with the speed and amount the Animas delivers at a time when bolusing even when set to slow.
We tried the combo bolus but that was not dealing with her food correctly leaving her BG’s elevated.
The sets she is using are fine. We are using them with her Cozmo pump with no problems at all.
So it seems to me the Animas does not suit her. We are now waiting for a trial of the Medtronic Veo pump which delivers boluses similar to her Cozmo 0.1 units a pulse rather than the 1 whole unit of the Animas so much more gentler.
I am annoyed that the Animas rep was using it’s speed to deliver insulin as a selling point and not making us aware that this could be a problem.