New Ping User...need advice :(

Hi all! I just joined this site today and so far this is awesome! I just started my new pump 3 days ago and changed my inset and everything for the first time today. I have the slanted inset that goes in at a 90 degree angle. I am having small pains, nothing serious, but I am worried that I may have inserted the needle/tubing wrong. Is it normal to feel a little pain when you first start using the pump? I didn’t feel anything the first three days I had the previous one in, so I am worried. Could it be the fact that it is slanted and that causes small pain? I am so clueless and new to this. Anyone else had similar problems or have any suggestions?


First of all, WELCOME Amanda. Second - yes, there are times it smarts. You need to keep an eye on the site for any signs of infection. I’ve been pumping for about 4 years and there are days I hit spots when doing an insertion that send me through the roof. There are many more times that I never feel a thing. If the pain hasn’t let up after a couple of hours, you might want to try another spot. I know you said you just did the site change - but if it still hurts, you might want to change it.

I’ve been pumping for nearly 4 years, and I’ve found that when this happens to me, it USUALLY (but not always) means that I’ve come close to , or through, a small vein. You’ll know whether you did or not, when you remove the site. If you’ve hit a small vein, then there will be a little blood at the point where the canula was.

I would call animas customer service,they are really good with helping you. I never tried the insert you are using.

I’ve been pumping for about 10 years now and even still I find one of those spots every once in awhile. Doesnt happen very often. In the beginning I would keep an eye on the site and make sure it didnt start to look infected or anything. But now I just trust that it will clear up (usually does within a few hours). Every once in awhile I have a spot that feels tender for a day or so but then it goes away. I think the best thing you can do it just relax and if it still bothers you by the next evening just change the site.

Thanks for the advice everyone! It isn’t hurting as much as it was yesterday so maybe it was just a tender spot!
I am still pumping saline and I start my insulin next week so I have about a week to figure all this out