Panic at the Big E

Going to a fair or large event with multiple people is always difficult.

My family went to the Big E in Massachusetts last weekend. The Big E is … well…BIG! It is a country fair that represents the Northeast States and whichever farming groups are scheduled for the week. Last weekend was 4-h and Future Farmers of America. Lots of cows and horses! We were with my in-laws, nephews, niece, brother-in-law and sister-in-law. It is hard to make a plan with that many people! And it rained most of the 3 days!

I was checking my numbers constantly because there was a lot of walking and stress. I had been doing alright until I decided to let others plan for supper. We were going to leave all the fair food and go out in town. But they decided to do a couple more things before going. We went to the circus that is part of the Big E! I knew I needed something to eat but what? My husband said “get something just make it small and healthy; we are going to dinner after this.” THIS IS A FAIR! FAIR FOOD! So I had a corn dog which did not act fast. While sitting in the circus, I tested again, still at 47. I whispered to my husband who turned to the crowd of relatives and announced “Julie is going low!!! I need food now!!!”, with typical husband panic in his voice. They have not experienced a low with me so they all started to panic!
My sister-in-law finally got up and got me a Coke. I am so grateful for her!

Numbers came up, all settled down. But they all constantly ask now, like Italian Grandparents, “do you need something to eat???”