Great News!

So my doctor called me yesterday just to let me know that my application for my insulin and test strips to be covered was approved. I’m a full time student and I do not have insurance and was forking out hundreds of dollars a month to survive. We are still working on getting my pump covered, not looking too good, but at least my insulin and test strips are now covered!!!


Thanks! :slight_smile:

That is most definetly great news… Now for the Pump, I will pray … Good Luck and God Bless


Happy for you!

Great news! What a relief!

Today the insulin & strips, tomorrow the pump.

Yay!!! Great news!

now thats real good news!!! i hope ur pump will get covered soon

Thanks again everyone! It’s been a HUGE relief both mentally and financially! Oh and I just got the paperwork from one of the pump sponsors I guess on Friday (forgot to check my mail I guess!). Fingers crossed!!!

My doctor wrote the prescription for ten times a day, so around 300 a month!